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Complete Guide to CPA Flashcards & Exam Study Aids in 2022

best-cpa-exam-flashcardsFinding the best CPA exam flashcards that will help you memorize key topics and pass the CPA exam on your first try isn’t easy. Almost all CPA study guides come with some type of flash card study aid, so what makes them different and how can you pick the right one?

First, you need to know the importance of these study aids. You might think they sound useless, but flash cards are actually a really helpful study aid to help you memorize topics and mnemonics. Having a list of memorized terms in your head on exam day could easily be the difference between a score of 74 and 75.

Now, look at the course itself and see if it caters to your learning style. More likely than not, the flash cards will mirror the course. Thus, if the course materials are extra detailed and difficult to read, the cards will probably be as well.

If the course you are looking at doesn’t have flash cards, no worries. You can always get s set of stand alone ones.

Let’s compare the most popular CPA review flash cards, so you can get the right ones to study for the CPA exam.

2022’s Top 6 Best CPA Exam Flashcards & Study Aids Below:

Here are the best CPA exam flashcards that will help reduce your study time, so you can pass the CPA exam on your first try.

Becker CPA Review Flashcards

becker-cpa-review-flashcardsBecker CPA Review offers a full set of flashcards with their study guides. The printed flashcards will provide a quick and convenient way to learn the most important details on any given topic. This CPA exam review company offers more than one thousand flashcards to help you commit the important points to memory.

One of the advantages of printed flash cards is portability. You can carry your flash cards and learn from anywhere at your own convenient time. However, the flashcards do not come with the course, meaning you have to buy them separately.

If you want to grasp CPA content fast, you should use the Becker CPA printed flashcards as your go-to learning materials. You will not only enjoy convenience but also grasp all the content required to pass your exam.

Surgent CPA Review Flashcards

surgent-cpa-review-flashcardsSurgent CPA review offers flashcards that are up to date to ensure you are learning using the latest content. All the flash cards are updated after three months, so you can be sure you are purchasing updated learning materials.

One of the advantages of Surgent CPA is their flashcard app. You can access the flashcards on your iOS device, unlike other companies that offer only printed cards. However, if printed cards are your piece of cake, you can request the company to print them for you. They are printed on an on-demand basis upon request.

The printed flashcard set comprises spiral-bound cards that cover all the exam sections. You will find terms and definitions for all four topics to help you familiarize yourself with all sections. When you use Surgent flashcards, chances of success are high because all topics are well tackled.

You will love using Surgent’s high-quality flash cards if you are running short of time, but you still need to study. This learning method offers a quick and efficient way to learn only the important aspects of every section.

UWorld Roger CPA Flashcards

uworld-roger-cpa-review-flashcardsAll UWorld Roger CPA packages come with customizable digital flashcards. This high-quality study tool use integrated spaced repetition technology to help learners retain more information. The adaptive learning method will help you study smarter and faster than any other company’s flashcards.

Digital flashcards are easy to use since you can access them from portable devices. Since the main course comes with digital flashcards, you can easily integrate the two. UWorld interface allows you to transfer aspects like mnemonics or diagrams to digital flash cards in a matter of seconds.

When you buy the UWorld CPA review course, you will enjoy the enhanced flashcard browsing feature. Filters are available to help ease learning through organizing your decks. When you search for a specific flashcard, filters will help you find results fast.

UWorld’s Elite Unlimited package has a special feature called “Exert Decks.” The exert decks offer additional flashcards with mnemonics, summaries, and 200 pre-curated terms. When you choose this subscription package, you will find additional tips from expert educators regarding the AUD, BEC, FAR, and REG exam sections.

If you want to get the most out of the UWorld CPA review course, you should incorporate digital flashcards in your study plan. Digital flash cards are ideal for learners who want a convenient method of exam prep.

Wiley CPA Flashcards

wiley-cpa-review-flashcardsWiley CPA offers flashcards with the CPAexcel Platinum Review Course and Pro Review Course. They are sold separately, so you have the option to get these with or without your learning materials. You can also get them if you are using a different CPA course altogether.

Printed cards come in easy-to-carry boxes for convenience. Each exam section has 250 printed cards that focus on the important points in every topic. You will be able to study and practice using the questions on the go.

I, personally, like the printed cards. You can write notes on them and have a better tactile experience overall as compared with just tapping your phone.

CPAexcel flashcards will be ideal for people who want an option of studying even when they cannot aces their computers. It is also a good option for those who want to have a convenient and portable means of learning.

Yeager CPA Review Flash Cards

yaeger-cpa-review-flashcardsYeager CPA Review includes digital flashcards to study for FAR, BEC, AUD, and REG. Digital flashcards are sometimes more convenient than printed ones. You do not need to be in a conventional classroom to learn using  the cards. Learn while on the move because digital flash cards offer a flexible mode of learning.

You need to have a stable internet connection to access the Yeager flashcard app. Flip through to study important topics and also flag specific cards you might need to review at a later date. With more than 2,000 cards, success is guaranteed because you will be adequately equipped.

Yeager digital flashcards are suitable for people who want to access learning materials. Using the flash cards will help you to understand and solidify the concepts for great results!

Gleim CPA Exam Review Flash Cards

gleim-cpa-review-flashcardsGleim CPA Exam Review offers flashcards  that use the Smart Adapt technology to customize study needs to suit the needs of all candidates. This innovative technology detects your strong and weak areas and proposes a personalized study plan.

The Premium Review subscription option comes with digital flashcards to help boost your confidence. You can use the flash cards to review key concepts repeatedly to ensure you understand them ahead of your exams.

Flash cards are broken down into sections for maximum effectiveness. Each section comes with detailed cards that are in line with the outlines. Practice questions and examples are also included to help you practice before the actual exam.

Study when you want, courtesy of Gleim CPA flashcards. This digital micro-learning tool will be ideal for busy learners who want to study while on the go. Whether you are on a break or waiting for your turn at the store, anytime is learning time!

Flash Cards for Each CPA Exam Section

Flashcards are a great CPA exam study supplement for any self-study CPA course. They are easy to use and you can take them anywhere with the flashcard app on your phone. You can also use them for every CPA exam section.

Here are some CPA study tips for using flashcards on CPA exam sections.

AUD CPA Flashcards

AUD CPA exam flashcards must include sections of the auditors opinion letter. Memorizing the full-length unqualified opinion letter is a crucial step to acing the Auditing section. Either use your course or make your own flash cards to memorize the parts of the letter an quiz yourself regularly.

BEC CPA Flashcards

BEC CPA exam flashcards should include financial formulas and management accounting topics. These concepts lend themselves easy to flash cards because you can write the equation name on one side and the calculation on the back. Most BEC topics come down to understanding financial formula concepts like this.

FAR CPA Flashcards

FAR CPA exam flashcards need to include financial statement reporting topics like balance sheet accounts, income statement adjustments, and cash flow statement guides. You’ll also want to include specific financial accounting terms that are easily mixed up, so you won’t get confused on exam day.

REG CPA Flashcards

REG CPA exam flashcards should consist of legal terms and tax topics. You’ll need to memorize a ton of legal terms that probably won’t make sense unless you just memorize them. Likewise, you’ll need to know tax numbers like standard deductions, gift tax limits, and basis vs boot calculations. These are all great flash card opportunities.


If you are a visual learner, flashcards are a great way to memorize key topics. They also make an awesome final review the week of your exam.

Whether digital or printed, flash cards will help you make the most of your review course. If you want to retain information easily and grasp difficult concepts, then you need to choose a course provider who offers flash cards.

Not to worry if your review course doesn’t come with a set of flashcards. A few different review courses like Wiley CPA and Roger CPA offer stand alone flash card sets, so you can add those to any course you use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions CPA candidates have about studying for the CPA exam with flashcards.

What are CPA exam review flashcards?

A CPA exam flashcard is a notecard that comes with a question on one side and the answer on the other side. A course provider will either provide digital or printed flashcards. The main point of flashcards is to help you memorize information and retain concepts as you prepare to sit for the actual exam.

Should I use flashcards to study for the CPA exam?

Flashcards are very popular for CPA candidates because they provide a quick and easy way to study key terms and concepts. Most CPA review providers offer a set of flashcards because they are such a helpful study aid.

Can I make my own CPA flashcards?

Yes, you can easily make your won flash cards with the study materials in your review course for reference. Simply, use 3×5 notecards to write the question on one side and the answer on the other.

Making your own cards is a great way to study because you often remember concepts better if you physically write them down. The only problem with making them yourself is that you can quickly run out of topic ideas.

Are Flashcards a waste of time?

No, flashcards are a useful study tool that will help you memorize more key terms, topics, and concepts in less time than simply reading a textbook. Sometimes studying comes down to repetition and memorization. There is no better way to take advantage of this study strategy than by using flash cards.

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