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Taking the ACT test is the first step to getting into the college of your dreams. Most Universities not only require minimum ACT scores for all applicants, they also use these scores to select and admit students.

Getting a high score is paramount!


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The ACT (American College Test) is the preferred college entrance exam in the US. Most colleges require students to submit…


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A good ACT score will open doors for you and give you access to a wider variety of colleges and universities. Likewise, it will also give you scholarship opportunities that will help fund your college career.

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The ACT covers a variety of topics that you must be familiar with including: English, Math, Reading, and Science.

Each test measures your ability and understanding of the topics and gauges your college readiness.

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Learn about the ACT (American College Test) with these step-by-step guides and test your knowledge of these subject topics with these tutorials.

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