Kaplan ACT Prep Course Review

Ultimate Review of Kaplan ACT Online Prep Course - Is it Worth it?

kaplan-act-prep-reviewKaplan ACT is a world-renowned American corporation that provides educational services to universities, colleges, and individuals worldwide.

They have an extensive collection of materials and various courses to help candidates prepare for numerous exams.

In addition, they have an excellent track record of coaching students for all standardized tests. Many students choose Kaplan solely because of their ACT tutoring.

Let’s check out the Kaplan ACT prep course and review all of its features, tutoring services, and study materials to see if Kaplan will help you increase your ACT score.

Course Overview

kaplan-act-reviewThe Kaplan act prep course covers every subject and topic on the ACT. The study materials are easy-to-understand and easy to navigate.

Kaplan goes all out to ensure you have all the relevant documents you need for the exams. In addition, they go the extra length of integrating official ACT questions, and practice tests into their prep.

One great advantage of this course is that Kaplan offers personalized homework assigned to each student by their tutors. This helps you focus on strengthening your weak areas and understanding the topics that give you the most trouble.

Kaplan ACT course comes with enough flexibility to accommodate students with busy schedules. The Kaplan ACT course comes in 3 different formats:

  1. Live online
  2. Self-paced
  3. Online tutoring

Live Online ACT Course

The live online course lets you join a virtual classroom anywhere you are, and you get tutored by a top-rated ACT teacher. Students can also interact with the teachers during a class session.

While the live classes are ongoing, offline tutors are also at your disposal to answer your questions in a private chat. This course from Kaplan grants you access to 5 official practice tests from the ACT makers.

It includes an ACT prep book, a customizable question bank of over 2,000 ACT questions, and 16 hours of live instruction.

This live online course sells for $499. This course is quite expensive, though Kaplan allows for payment in installment but only for 3 months.

Self-Paced ACT Course

Some companies emphasize affordability; others emphasize flexibility. The self-paced course from Kaplan lies somewhere in between both. This course gives affordable and quality materials for students to achieve their high score goals.

The self-paced course is cheaper than the live online course. However, it offers way less than the live online course. This course gives you access to 5 official practice tests from the ACT makers, 6 months of access to the material, 30 on-demand teacher-led lessons, and a customizable bank with 2000+ official act questions.

The self-paced course goes for $99, a reasonable price for the quality and volume of material available for your use.

Online Tutoring ACT Course

The online tutoring course is the most expensive of all ACT courses offered by Kaplan, but it provides much more than the other alternatives. The tutoring starts with a diagnostic, pointing out your strengths and areas to improve.

Then you will have one-on-one courses tailored so you can focus on the right content to maximize the time of your prep.

The online tutoring course comes with hours of private one-on-one tutoring with an expert, official practice tests from the makers of the ACT exam, a customizable q-bank with thousands of questions, and the best, personalized homework assigned to you by your tutor.

For $699, you can purchase the online tutoring course and have your tutor tailor your study guide to your needs.

Course Features

Dashboard and course software

Kaplan ACT dashboard interface is modern and sleek. The dashboard makes it easy to locate your video lessons, study materials, and track your progress through the course.

This is your home base for the review course. It has a simple, consistent user interface with easy navigation.

Exam question banks

One unique feature of Kaplan’s act course is its practice question test bank that allows you to create personalized quizzes, review specific questions, and give you a report of your overall progress.

Using the Qbank is simple. You can quiz yourself on any ACT subject such as reading and science. You can also question yourself on subcategories like “punctuation” and “geometry.”

In addition, the ACT scoring system has similar subcategories as the Qbank, giving you insight into how the ACT evaluates specific skills.

Practice Tests

Kaplan has more ACT practice tests than most any other prep course. This means you won’t get stuck seeing the same questions over and over again until you memorize the answers.

In addition, you get access to 5 practice tests that allow you to familiarize yourself with the actual format of the ACT.

Kaplan’s ACT course doesn’t just teach you about science, reading, and math; its materials teach you how to properly take an exam, using proven strategies that include managing your time correctly.

In addition, these practice tests simulate real-life test experiences. Hence, experiencing the different practice exams will help you improve your prep for the ACT.

The only downside is that the practice questions have no written solution or explanation. Instead, they just say which answer is correct or not, and that’s it.

Study textbook and material

Kaplan provides students with an ACT prep ebook. On its own, the ebook is practical, but that isn’t enough compared to actual courses when it comes to testing a student’s aptitude or adapting to the student’s studying needs.

This ebook doesn’t come with the self-paced course. However, Kaplan has a standalone ACT prep book that is great, so you are good to go if you have that.

The great thing about this is that students can read through chapters explaining strategies and concepts and review them through video lessons, practice tests, and quizzes.

In addition, students who find it difficult to read on a computer can purchase the hardcopy or pay for the online tutoring course, which gives you a hardcopy of the prep book.

Video lectures

Kaplan has an extensive library of video lessons that students can watch throughout the course. What makes Kaplan’s videos unique is the integration with their live online course. You don’t simply watch pre-recorded  videos. You interact with the videos and the instructors. The live online course gives you access to:

  • Live class sessions
  • 16 hours of live online instructions
  • 1-on-1 session with a professional ACT tutor

You’ll get a full 6 months access to these resources. In addition, the live online course shows clearly that Kaplan prioritizes interactions with instructors, which helps improve the overall learning process.

Who is Kaplan ACT Prep right for?

Kaplan makes some of the best ACT prep study materials. They are perfect for students who want more individualized attention. The Kaplan program offers extensive tutoring, so if you want to see and talk with your instructor, this would be a great option for you.

Likewise, they offer self-study ACT courses for students who want to study at their own pace, but the most popular Kaplan option is the ACT tutoring plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Kaplan ACT prep.

How much does Kaplan ACT prep cost?

Kaplan offers several different ACT prep courses costing from under $100 for self-study packages to over $2,000 for individualized ACT tutoring packages. Kaplan can be either affordable or expensive depending on the course features you want included.

Does Kaplan ACT offer live classes?

Yes! Kaplan’s flagship Live Online ACT course offers 16 hours of live instruction with Kaplan’s team of expert tutors in their virtual classroom setting.

Is Kaplan ACT prep worth it?

Kaplan is consistently ranked among the top ACT test prep courses because they make high qualify products. Their individualized tutoring approach helps students improve their ACT scores drastically. Kaplan is definitely worth the price if you want to increase your score.

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