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Deciding what college to go to, what major to start with, and what career to go into is difficult, but first you need to prep for college. Regardless of whether you have started studying for the ACT or SAT or even applied for a college, our guides to help you choose the right career path and educational opportunities to get you there.


ACT Word of the Day


Increasing your vocabulary and learning how to use new words is probably the most helpful way to improve your communication…

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Learning new words and improving your vocabulary is the first step to developing better communication skills. These skills will carry…

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College Degrees & Academic Guides

College degrees, programs, and majors can be difficult to understand at first. There are so many different types of programs, certifications, and training opportunities out there, it’s hard to keep them all straight. Our guides help explain the difference between each academic pathway and which one might be right for your future.