How Long Does it Take to get GRE Scores?

GRE Score Report Dates & Result Submission Process Explained

how-long-does-it-take-to-get-gre-scoresHow Long Does it Take for GRE Results to Come Out?

According to the ETS, official GRE scores are sent to test-takers 10 to 15 days after the testing date. The ETS also gives you the option to send score reports to institutions and schools of your choice after your test date.

This short timeframe gives you the flexibility to decide whether you want to take the GRE again and sign up for it before the next testing window.

Most universities require applicants to submit scores as part of their post-graduate application process. Fellowship and admission boards use the scores in analyzing candidates to identify better fit applicants for the program. Schools use GRE test scores as an admission criterion, and it is one of the most accepted tests for graduate admissions globally.

Thus, you want your scores to be sent to your schools as soon as possible. Let’s check out the GRE score submission process as well as how to send and receive your GRE test results.

GRE Score Results Process Timeline

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standard test given by the ETS that evaluates test takers’ critical reasoning ability as a prerequisite for admission to graduate programs. GRE is computerized and section adaptive, which means that the previous level’s results determine the next level’s difficulty. The computer-based test evaluates verbal reasoning, mathematical reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills.

There are two ungraded sections and three scored sections. Analytical writing will be the first section on the test in which the test taker will be required to write two essays argumentative and issue-based. The Verbal and Quant sections are divided into two halves, each with 20 questions. Aside from that, the number of questions in the unscored experimental portion can appear either in the Quant or Math section. The GRE test duration takes approximately three hours and 45 minutes to complete.

How Long Does it Take to Get and Send GRE Scores?

Typically, your GRE scores are sent to you and schools/institutions between 10-15 days after your testing date.

It is vital to note that you can see your score immediately after you finish the test. However, you have the option of canceling or reporting the score. If you decide to report the score, you will access the unofficial Quant and verbal reasoning scores. On the other hand, if you feel that you didn’t perfume well, you can cancel the score retake the test score again.

Notably, a human and a computer does grading of the analytical writing section so it will not to see the score until later. The score ranges for the Quant, and verbal reasoning section is between 130 and 170 whole the analytical writing score ranges from 0-6 on half-point increment.

The official GRE scores will be accessible after ten to fifteen days of completing the tests. The result will appear on your ETS account, and once they are available, ETS will send an email notification for the same. Equally, the ETS will send an institutional Score Report to recipients that you chose during registration.

What Scores are Reported?

You will not receive an unofficial score report, but you will see the Quant and Verbal reasoning scores on the screen once you complete the test. The scores reported on the screen could be different from the final scaled scores, albeit slightly.

The analytical score is only reported once, and there is no unofficial score. On the GRE General test, you will get a verbal reasoning score and quantitative reasoning score on a score range of 130-170 with one-point increments and an analytical writing score on a score range of 0-6 with a half-point increment.

How Long are GRE Scores Valid?

The GRE General and subject test scores will be valid for five years. For instance, if you take a test in July 2021, the score report will be valid up to July 2026. It is vital to note that it will take around five business days to process requests to send GRE scores.

Therefore if you are planning to send your scores and the date on which they are valid is nearing, allow adequate time for the processing of the scores, or they might not be sent.

How Long Does It Take to Receive my GRE Scores?

Your full GRE score report will be issued between 10-15 days from your test date, but your Verbal and Quantitative section scores can be viewed immediately at the testing center by checking report your scores.

How will I Receive my GRE Score?

The quickest way to receive the score is via the ETS Data Manager, which is updated weekly, and also scores available in the system are valid scores.

Also, the General and GRE subject test scores will be available online after receiving the notification from ETS. It is vital to note that the notification email timeframe is different from General and subject tests.

This is because the score report included all GRE score reports from previous tests, and it is only for your personal records. It is essential to note that the ETS will send the score reports to authorized schools that you picked during registration.

Where Do GRE Scores get Sent?

You can arrange to get the scores sent to you through mail or fax or online access to the reports. When you order additional scores online, they will take five days to be sent to the recipient you chose after the order has been received.

The additional reports that will be ordered through fax or mail will be sent to schools after ten days. It is important to note that ordering for more reports will cost you, and it is $27 per score sent to a recipient.

The downside is once you make the request, you cannot cancel it or change it, and there is no refund. If you order additional scores online, the institution will receive then reports after five days of placing the order.

How to Send GRE Scores to Schools & Institution?

After completing the test and viewing your scores, you have an option of up to four institutions that should receive your score. The four test scores are free, but if you request for the score to be sent to other institutions, you will need to pay another amount per score report to each extra institution.

How Long Does It Take to Send GRE Scores?

The institutions will receive official scores within 10-15 days after you complete the test. You have the option of deciding which score to send to designated institutions. Thus, you can only send the best scores.

During the testing day, you can decide not to send the score at times or select the option of All or Most recent. If you pick the “ALL” option, the test scores from the past five years will be sent. After test day, you will send the score reports to institutions at a fee, and you have the alternative of selecting which scores you wish to share.

How Much Does It Cost to Send Your GRE Scores?

The initial $160 GRE testing fee includes the cost of sending your score results to four schools of your choice. You can, however, send your results to as many schools as you want to.

If you want to send your results to more schools after your testing date, you can order more score reports through your ETS online account. Each additional score report will cost $27. Here’s a chart showing the total cost of sending your scores to college and universities.

GRE FeesGRE Score Report CostNumber of Score Reports
Initial GRE Testing Fee$160up to 4
Each Additional Score Report$271

One thing to keep in mind is that your GRE score is valid for 5 years after your testing date. So, you don’t have to worry about sending them to every school you can think of immediately. You can take your time and only send them to the most important schools to start with.

Time to Start Preparing

Now that you know how long it takes to receive and send your GRE results, it’s time to start preparing for the test. This is a grueling exam and you don’t want to underestimate it.

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