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CPA Salary Guide


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2022 report, the average CPA salary is $122,000 per year. This annual salary depends largely on your position, experience level, firm size, and section. Every organization and business, whether it’s a start-up or a well-established firm, needs a Certified public accountant. The demand for CPAs’ services are …

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CPA License Reciprocity by State


CPA reciprocity is important because CPA license requirements and qualifications are established be State Boards of Accountancy. This localized government is good because it gives Certified Public Accountants in each state more influence on how the licensing process works. It also means that every state’s licensing requirements are slightly different. Just because you met the …

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How Hard is the CPA Exam?


The journey to become a licensed Certified Public Accountant is filled with challenges, but nothing is quick as hard as passing the exam. The CPA exam is by far one of the most difficult professional exams in the world. With a pass rate of less that 50%, most candidates typically fail at least one section. …

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Is CPA Review Course Tax Deductible?


The CPA  journey is an expensive one. Regardless of whether you are a college student or an accounting professional looking to further your career, getting your CPA license isn’t cheap. Between college, prep courses, exam fees, and application costs becoming a CPA is expensive. So, you might ask yourself, are CPA review course expenses and …

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CPA Review Courses for College Credit


College is usually the starting point for accounting student who dreams of becoming a CPA. Since most states require at least 150 college credit hours in order to become licensed, many CPA candidates either have to finish their masters degree or start a double major in order to qualify. Getting this many credits is challenging …

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Linear vs Adaptive Learning CPA Review Course Software


The CPA exam is one of the toughest professional exams in the world. With four different parts totaling 16 hours of exam time, the CPA exam is no joke. That’s why getting a professional CPA course is so important. There is no way to properly prepare for all of the auditing, taxation, regulatory framework and …

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Can I Take The CPA Exam Without A Social Security Number? 


Yes, you can take the CPA exam without a valid social security number. Although, most states require CPA candidates to have a social security number in order to take the CPA exam, there are ways to sit for the exam without a SSN. Most candidates only pay attention  the academic CPA requirements, so they rarely …

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CPA Exam Requirements


What Are The Requirements to Take the CPA Exam? Before you can register to take the uniform Certified Public Accountants examination, you must meet some eligibility requirements. Every state sets different requirements that candidates must meet to be eligible to take the CPA exam, but most jurisdictions require similar qualifications. That’s why you should check …

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Prometric CPA


Registering for the CPA exam at a Prometric Testing Center can be an bewildering experience, especially if it’s your first CPA exam section. After you have settled on your ideal state, gone through the CPA application process, and paid the exam fees, the next step is to choose a testing center and schedule the day …

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CPA Exam Pass Rate


What is the CPA Exam Passing Rate? According to the AICPA the historical average CPA exam pass rate is approximately 50% depending on the exam section. This low of a passing rate makes the CPA exam one of the toughest professional exams out there. It has 4 different sections with each CPA exam part having …

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