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Best Finance Certifications


What are the Financial Certifications? Finance certifications are professional credentials that financial experts can earn to establish their knowledge and competency in an area of finance topics. There are numerous financial certifications available in many different specializations. Some of the designations you might encounter include CFA, CPA, CFP, FRM, FMVA, and CAIA, but which is …

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How is the CPA Exam Scored & Graded?


The next step after you’ve taken a section of the CPA exam is to wait for your score to be published. Understanding how the CPA exam is graded will help you interpret your final score. A passing score on the CPA exam is 75 or higher based on a grading scale of 0 to 99. …

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CFA vs CPA: What’s the Difference?


Deciding whether to become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is an important starting point in your financial or accounting career. Both professional credentials are highly sought after and will help advance your career almost immediately. However, the CPA and CFA qualifications focus on two very different areas of accounting and …

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How to Become a CPA without an Accounting Degree


The CPA certification opens your career to many different opportunities that you wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s an important designation because it allows you to perform many legal tasks like auditing and taxation representation. Thus, it’s a credential that demands respect across all business fields. If you are a business major or financial professional, you may …

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Can You Take and Pass the CPA Exam Before College Graduation?


Many college students want to get a jump start on their accounting careers, so they naturally wonder is it possible to take the CPA exam before graduating from college. In most states, the answer is yes you can. Taking the CPA exam in college is a great idea because your college courses will still be …

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CPA Exam Changes

Every year the AICPA changes different aspects of the CPA exam. These changes are published in their annual CPA exam blueprint. In 2023, the AICPA published its new 2024 blueprints for the CPA exam that change it drastically from prior years’ examinations. The new format changes not only the structure and scoring of the exam …

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CPA Exam Score Release Dates


The next important date in your CPA journey after you sit for a CPA exam section is the day that you get to see your test scores. The NASBA CPA exam score release dates are the days, typically 2 weeks after your exam date, that your test results are published and you get to see …

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How Long Does It Take To Study For The CPA Exam in Total Hours?


The first thing every successful CPA candidate needs to master is their time management skills. Studying for the CPA exam takes a lot of time because the exam is extremely demanding. Understanding how much time you will need to devote to studying for your CPA exam is one of the most important factors in determining …

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Which CPA Exam Section to Take First?


Most new CPA candidates wonder which CPA exam to take first: AUD, BEC, FAR, or REG. Many students start with FAR. It’s recommended that candidates initially take the CPA exam part that they are most prepared for first. This gives them the highest chance of passing their first CPA exam section. The CPA exam comprises …

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CPA Ethics Exam: Study Tips, AICPA Course Guide, & Requirements


Most State Boards of Accountancy require CPA candidates to take the CPA Ethics exam once they’ve passed the CPA exam to be eligible for their CPA license and certification. The AICPA Ethics exam is a remote test that can be taken at home or in the office online. It includes a study textbook that you …

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