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Average ACT Score


Understanding Average ACT Test Score And How ACT Scoring Works The ACT is a standardized evaluation in which test-takers receive a range of scores for the four ACT sections. It is important to note that some issues surround ACT scoring, and students should be privy about the issues. Most importantly, ACT scoring policies, procedures, and …

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What is a Good ACT Score?


Better Understand Your ACT Test Results Most colleges and universities require students to submit ACT scores as part of their application process. The strength of your score really depends on the college you choose to attend. Every college has different admission standards and requirements with more prestigious universities having the highest. Thus, your score might …

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ACT Math Formulas


What ACT Math Formulas Should Students Know and Tips To Memorize Them? ACT Math section comprises 60 five-multi-choice questions that students should respond to within 60 minutes. The questions are drawn from six topic areas covered up to 11th grade. They include Pre-algebra, intermediate algebra, elementary algebra, coordinate geometry, trigonometry, and plane geometry. Here are …

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ACT Score Percentiles


What are ACT Score Percentiles And What Do They Mean When Applying For College? The ACT test is a standardized exam often considered as an entry exam to college or university that is graded based on an ACT score percentile system. The test evaluates high school student’s readiness for college by testing them in four …

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ACT Word of the Day


Increasing your vocabulary and learning how to use new words is probably the most helpful way to improve your communication skills. It doesn’t matter whether you are focused on college admittance or a career opportunity. Having a solid set of communication skills is paramount. That is the main reason why the ACT exam has a …

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SAT Word of the Day


Learning new words and improving your vocabulary is the first step to developing better communication skills. These skills will carry you forward in both your academic and professional careers. That’s why there is a vocabulary section on the SAT exam. It’s important to learn these life skills. 100 Most Common SAT Word List Here is …

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ACT Question of the Day


Here is the ACT question of the day. Everyday we publish a different question from the ACT, so you can quiz yourself and learn something new everyday.