CPA Exam Score Release Dates

Complete Guide to 2023 CPA Score Release Dates & Testing Window Schedule

cpa-exam-score-release-dateThe next important date in your CPA journey after you sit for a CPA exam section is the day that you get to see your test scores.

The NASBA CPA exam score release dates are the days, typically 2 weeks after your exam date, that your test results are published and you get to see if you passed or failed the CPA exam.

After you complete your exam at the testing center, the AICPA grades your exam and sends the results to NASBA for publication.

Let’s look at the AICPA timeline for when your CPA exam results are published and when you can celebrate passing the CPA exam.

CPA Exam Score Release Dates

The AICPA started releasing CPA exam scores on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year based on when you sit for the exam. This is a much improved system as compared with the previous release schedule because it eliminates long waits for candidates to see their scores.

Typically, the AICPA publishes candidates’ CPA exam score results between 1-2 weeks after their exam testing date.

CPA Exam Score Release Dates for 2023

Here are the 2023 CPA score release dates for candidates who have taken the CPA exam from January 1 – June 30, 2023.

CPA Exam Data File Date:Target CPA Exam Score Release Date:
January 23February 7
February 14February 22
March 9March 17
March 31April 11
April 23May 9
May 16May 24
June 8June 16
June 30July 11

Here are the 2023 CPA score release dates for candidates who have sat for the CPA exam from July 1 – December 31, 2023.

CPA Exam Data File Date:Target CPA Exam Score Release Date:
July 23August 8
August 15August 23
September 7September 15
September 30October 10
October 19November 3
October 31November 8
November 26December 5
December 15December 27

Understanding the CPA Score Release Dates Process

The CPA score release date process is fairly simple. The AICPA and NASBA work together to release CPA scores on a rolling basis throughout the year. Since the AICPA administers the CPA exam, they grade your test. Once they finalize your score, your results are sent or released to NASBA to be given to you, the CPA candidate.

AICPA usually announces the release dates in December for the first half of the coming year and in June for the second half of the year. It’s important to note that these target CPA score release dates represent when NASBA expects scores from AICPA. It does not always mean that you will actually get your scores on those dates.

You may have to wait a few days or weeks after the target dates to see your results for a variety of reasons, but the AICPA is generally pretty timely when releasing exam scores to NASBA.

CPA Exam Testing Windows & Exam Schedules

In prior years, CPA candidates were only allowed to sit for the exam during four testing windows throughout the year. These testing windows equated to about 2 months on and 1 month off of testing. Here are the historical CPA exam testing windows:

  • Quarter 1: January 1 – March 10
  • Quarter 2: April 1 – June 10
  • Quarter 3: July 1 – September 10
  • Quarter 4: October 1 – December 10

This CPA exam testing window schedule changed in 2020 when the AICPA announced that it would move to an all-year continuous testing schedule. This means starting in 2023 you will be able to schedule your exam just about any day of the year you want.

You will also be able to retake any exam section that you failed as soon as you get your scores back from NASBA. In the prior testing window schedule, you were not allowed to retake a failed exam section in the same testing window. You would have to wait for the next window to open to retake an exam.

That’s not the case anymore. Now you can retake an exam within a few weeks from your original exam date.

When Will I Get My CPA Exam Results?

CPA exam scores should be available within 48 hours after the AICPA set release date. However, in some instances, you can get the scores on the NASBA website a day before the scheduled release dates of the CPA scores. Equally, in some states, the results may need an additional day to prepare the results before the test takers receive their scores.

Previously, AICPA had testing windows when students could take the exam, but beginning July 1, 2002, NASBA did away with administering exams in windows, and as a result, candidates can take the exam any time, and they don’t have to wait long before the sate board releases their scores.

So historically, if you were to follow the testing window, let’s say for January 1, 2022, to March 9 10, 2022, you could only sit for the exam on January 23, February 14, March 9, and March 31.

Prometric submits your exam information on the same day, and candidates that took the exam on those days should expect results on February 8, February 23, March 17, and April 12, respectively.

The dates are just target dates when NASBA will send the scores to the state board to be sent to candidates.

How to Check CPA Exam Scores

AICPA will send your scores to NASBA, which will post the scores in the National Candidate Database and then plan to release the scores. Candidates will individually receive the scores after state boards receive the results.

To check your scores, you will have to log in to the NASBA website in the Candidate Portal and then click on the AICPA exam scores and use your exam id to check the score. When the scores are released, they are associated with exam ID and not the Candidate’s name.

After NASBA releases the exam, it may take up to 72 hours before they become official. Once you see an eye icon, then your score has been approved, and you access them by clicking the icon and proceeding to view and print the score notice.

How to Find CPA Exam Results

Prometric provides CPA Exam data records to AICPA within a day of completion for the majority of applicants. Examination data files submitted after the set AICPA deadline periods will be held until the target CPA score release date that follows.

Because of extra analysis that could be necessary for the written text assignments, you may get your score roughly one week after the scheduled release date for the BEC part. In some states, the NASBA provides CPA Exam results to candidates immediately.

The scores are routed via state boards in certain states, which then distribute them to test takers. Confirm the procedure in your state by contacting the state board.

CPA Exam Performance Report & Exam Score Notice

NASBA doesn’t permanently house CPA scores, and candidates can only access scores for the current window. After expiry, you will not manage to see the score notice or advisory score. The score notice is accessed after results become official, and you can click the eye icon and print your results.

The score notice shows how you performed in the exam, and once NASBA takes it down, you will not be able to access your scores. Your performance report shows how you performed and gives an assessment of the exam performance. The report shows performance in every content area, and it is for informational purposes since it does not influence the official score.

Advisory Score vs Final CPA Exam Score

The advisory CPA exam score is the initial score that the AICPA publishes and sends to NASBA. This is preview of your final score, but it is not your actual final score. Your final CPA exam score may differ slightly from your advisory score resulting in you passing or failing the exam.

Generally, the final score and advisory score are the exact same and don’t change, but there are some cases in which your final score may differ.


What time do CPA scores get released?

The AICPA releases CPA exam scores at midnight Eastern Standard Time on the target score release date. CPA results may also be released several days after the target date if there is a problem with your exam results.

Is a 75% on the CPA Exam passing?

No, a 75% is not a passing score on the CPA exam. The CPA exam is scored on a weighted scale from 0-99. CPA candidates must achieve a score of 75 in order to pass. Keep in mind, a score of 75 does not equal to 75 percent.

Have CPA scores been released?

The AICPA target score release date is the day that the AICPA sends the scores to NASBA for publication. This date typically occurs 1-2 weeks after an exam has been completed.

Do CPA Exam scores ever get released early?

CPA exam scores are typically published within 48 hours of the schedule CPA target release dates. It’s common for scores to be made available on the NASBA website up to one day before the target score release date. Keep in mind that several states take an additional day to review and release exam scores.

What is a CPA passing score?

The CPA exam is comprised of four sections and students are required to pass all 4 sections with a minimum score of 75 to pass. The exam is graded on a scale of 0-99, and anything above 75 is considered a passing score. It is vital to point out that the CPA score is not expressed in a percentage, and it isn’t a raw score but rather a weighted addition of scaled scores.

Does the CPA Exam Score Expire?

The passing score for a section is valid for 18 months from the day stated in the CPAES letter. After that, the score will be invalid if the student has not completed all four sections, and they will have to retake the CPA exam. Remember you have 18 months to complete the four exam sections from the day you schedule the first part. Interestingly, your score doesn’t expire after completing all the sections, and it will be valid.

What influences when you get your results?

The factors that influence when you will receive your results include when you sit the exam, whether it is at the start of the window, in the middle, or at the end. If you sit at the start, you are likely to wait for long compared to someone who takes it at the end. Also, for BEC, you will have to wait for an extra week before you get results because of the grading of the written section.

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