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Guide to GRE Test Scores, Results Scale, & Score Range

gre-scoresWhy Are GRE Results & Test Scores Important

GRE is a standardized exam that is a requirement for admission to graduate school. The education Testing Service owns and administers the exam. The GRE tests seek to measure analytical writing, quantitative, verbal reasoning, and logical thinking skills one has acquired in the course of their learning.

The content covered in the test comprises vocabulary, arithmetic, geometry, and algebra sections. The exam is computer-based, and it is administered at Prometric testing centers. The GRE test is for prospective applicants looking to pursue MBA, master’s JD, or Ph.D. Institutions use GRE scores to compare applicants to make admission decisions besides looking at graduate-level qualifications, recommendation letters, and undergraduate records.

Most graduate schools accept GRE scores, but the level of emphasis depends on the school or department. Thus, it is vital to note that the GRE score’s significance can range from just an admission formality to a critical selection factor.

What are GRE Scores & Test Results?

GRE Test scores are the results awarded for the three gradable sections of the exam: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. For the Quant and Verbal reasoning sections, you receive a score for each correct answer to all questions ranging from 130 – 170.

Notably, the sections are adaptive, implying the computer will pick a second operation level depending on the performance of the first section.

What Does my GRE Score Mean?

You will get a raw score reflecting the number of correct responses you got for the two sections. However, ETS converts the raw score into a scaled score via equating process whereby the score is adjusted to reflect variations in different test editions.

On the other hand, analytical writing is graded by a human scorer on a scale of 0-6 based on the quality of the essay. These are two sections in the analytical writing section. An e-rater will then grade the essay, and the GRE total score will be the average between the computerized and human scores. It is vital to note that your GRE test results will only be valid for five years from the test date.

What Scores Are Reported on the GRE General Test?

GRE Score Scale Chart

Here’s a GRE score scale chart that shows the range of scores for each section of the GRE test including the totals and incremental scales used.

GRE SectionGRE Score Scale
Verbal Reasoning130 - 170 using 1-point increments
Quantitative Reasoning130 - 170 using 1-point increments
Analytical Writing0 - 6 using half-point increments

When Do GRE Scores Come Out?

One of the things test takers thinks about is when they can access their GRE scores. It is important to note that you will access your GRE scores after 10 to 15 days from the date you sat for the exam. Once the test scores are available on your ETS account, you will receive an email notifying you about the same.

This timeframe is particularly important because knowing your scores early will give you the opportunity to either your scores to more institutions if desired or sign up to take the exam again if you aren’t satisfied with your results.

How Long Does it Take to Get GRE Scores?

Test-takers who opted for the Home test can get their scores available within 10 to 15 days. It is possible to see your results for the verbal and quantitative reasoning sections immediately after completing the exam at your prometric testing center.

How to Check GRE Score

Checking your GRE score results is quite easy with your online login account. After receiving the notification about the availability of the results, all you have to do is log in to your account on the ETS website, key in your credentials and view your results.

Who needs my GRE Results?

GRE test results are important to admission panels and fellowships in comparing students. Therefore, ETS will send a score report to four institutions of your choice where you prefer to pursue your graduate course.

It is vital to note that when registering for the GRE test, you have to select four fellowship sponsors or graduate institutions which will receive your GRE scores, and the sending of the report is part of the $205 registration fee.

How Do I send My GRE Test Score to Colleges?

If you want to send GRE score results to more than the four select institutions, you are permitted to do so, but it will cost you $27 per extra institution you choose to send your results to. This fee is paid directly to ETS.

The process of sending additional institutes your score report is simple. You just log onto your ETS online account and fill out the information for the schools you want to send your reports to.

Your GRE score is vital in admission and when you are competing for fellowship sponsorship. If your GRE score is higher than most prospective applicants, you will stand a better chance of securing admission or winning a scholarship.

The report sent to the institutions will have your personal information, including date of birth, gender and contact information, GRE test date, potential graduate major, GRE score percentiles, and cumulative scores record for the past five years.

How is the GRE Test Scored?

GRE Score Range

The GRE score range is graded on a scale of 130-170 for both the Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning tests while the analytical writing test score ranges from 0-6.

GRE test results are scored on a scale and percentile ranks, and whether it is GRE general or the GRE subject test, both will be graded on a different scale. The General exam is in paper and computer-based formats.

GRE Score Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of ranges that you can expect to get on your GRE test. Look to see where your score ends up in the national averages to see if it is competitive enough to get into the college of your choice.

Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning Scores

The highest GRE score you can score in GRE is 340, which is the sum of the Quant and Verbal Reasoning scores. The sections are graded between 130-170, and so to get a total score, you will add the two scores.

Here is a chart that shows the GRE test scores ranges for Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning tests along with their competitiveness for college acceptance.

GRE Verbal/Quantitative Reasoning Scores:Ranking:Rating:
130 - 145Below AveragePoor
146 - 155AverageGood
156 - 160Above AverageCompetitive
161 - 169HighestBest

Analytical Writing Scores

The analytical writing score ranges between 0 and 6, and the three sections will be scored separately. There is no composite score, and in your score report, you will have all three scores delivered.

Here is a chart that shows the GRE test score ranges for the Analytical Writing test along with the competitiveness for college acceptance.

GRE Analytical Writing Scores:Ranking:Rating:
0 - 3Below AveragePoor
3.1 - 4AverageGood
4.1 - 5Above AverageCompetitive
5.1 - 5.9HighestBest

What is a Good GRE Score?

A good GRE score is relative, and it depends on the school you are looking to join. It would be best to first familiarize yourself with the average score range of the institution before deciding what score will be good for you. Quant and Verbal reasoning are scored on a 130-170 scale range in a one-point increment, while analytical writing score ranges 0-6 with a half-point increment.

There’s no doubt about it. The GRE is a difficult test.

As per ETS, the averages GRE score for verbal and quant sections is 150.37 and 153.39, and analytical is 3.58. Therefore the average totals score is around 303, which is in the 45th percentile. Although the score in the 45th percentile is average, it might not be good for competitive programs as some institutions require a score of more than 303.

However, if your score is in the 75th percentile, then it is a good score, and better still, if it is in the 90th percentile, it will be an excellent score.

What are GRE Test National Ranks?

Besides the scaled score, the score report will have percentile ranks representing how the test-taker performed relative to other test-takers nationally.

The percentile ranks help you understand how you performed relative to others by showing the ‘percentage of test-takers that scored lower than you.

For instance, if your score is in the 75th percentile, it means you performed better than 75% of other test-takers.

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