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Where to Take the ACT & How to Pick a Testing Centers

act-test-locations-and-testing-centersFactors To Consider When Picking ACT Test Locations & Testing Centers

The ACT exam is conducted across various ACT test locations and testing centers in the US and outside, with almost two million students taking it each year globally. Besides studying for the ACT, the other thing to consider is where you will take the ACT.

Since testing centers are located in different cities globally, it is paramount to pick a testing site that is more convenient and offering flexibility.

The test location choice should factor in issues that will let the student take the exam without any concerns, discomfort, or anxieties. You will pick your test center during registration, and this article takes you through the process of choosing the ideal exam center.

How do you find ACT Testing Center Locations near you?

Consider an easily accessible center, which is less than 30 miles from your home. The first way to find locations near you is by using the ACT search tool to locate centers around you. It is ideal to search by the state rather than the city because using it will only give you schools for the particular city and not neighboring regions.

The search tool lists cities and test center names with center code and dates the center offers ACT. It is necessary to plan since not all centers will indicate the test dates.

Alternatively, you can commence the registration process, but you won’t go through the whole process, and you don’t have to pay. You have to log into the ACT accounts and start the process of registering for the exam.

After going through several questionnaires, you will get to the Test Date. Next, you will get the test center by entering the Zip Code and get a list of ACT testing centers around your area.

Factors to consider when choosing ACT Test Center Location

How long it takes to get to the center

On the test day, timing is critical because you will need to be at the center by 8:00 am. It would help if you were on time, and this means waking up early. Therefore, it is advisable to pick a location that is near where you stay.

For instance, if it takes almost an hour to your test center, you should wake as early as 6:00 am to have adequate time to prepare and arrive at the venue on time. Most importantly, the longer you drive, the more likely you are to get late.

How well do you know the locality?

If you know exactly where the test center is located, that is advantageous because it will save you the hassle of looking for the center on the test date. On the day of the test, you need no distraction when setting yourself to ace the test.

Driving to an unfamiliar area might inconvenience you as you might run into traffic or confusing directions, thus getting late. Pick a place you know well, and if you are not familiar with the location, you should scope the area beforehand.

Do you know people at the center? How does this affect you?

You should take into consideration whether there are some familiar faces at the center. For instance, if you will be taking the test at your high school, you will run into most of your friends, which might be helpful to some or not. Being around friends might relieve anxiety and make you feel less nervous. Therefore, you can think of a location where you will feel comfortable with or without familiar faces.

Taking the test at your high school offers convenience, and this should be the default choice. However, some don’t have this alternative since their institution doesn’t provide the test. If there is a testing center near your home or don’t feel comfortable around people you are familiar with, you can opt not to take the test at your high school.

ACT Test Registration Process

It is easier to register for the ACT exam, and you can do it online or through the mail. It is advisable to register online since it is quick, and you immediately get to know your test center and print the admission ticket after paying.

Online registration requires the student to visit the ACT website and create a Web Account. After creating the account, you can commence the registration process. You will need to answer questions about your high school, family, classes, interests, and identification details.

During registration, you will need to pick a test date and specify if you will take the ACT plus writing or not. You will be appraised of any applicable fees. Since most institutions require the ACT writing score is recommended to take the ACT plus writing section.

You need to specify the schools that will receive your ACT scores, but this is optional. Select the center where you want to take the ACT, and it is advisable to keep an eye on test dates so that you register early because the testing centers usually fill up early.

Registering by mail is available to everyone but, it is recommended for students under 13 years or those who can’t pay through a credit card. To register through the mail, you have to request a registration packet, which will be mailed to you, and once to complete it, you mail it back.

ACT Test Fees and Deadlines

Although the ACT plus writing will cost more than the ACT without writing, sometimes there is a fee waiver. Therefore, you should check the latest information regarding the fees. Even though you can select four schools where your scores will be sent, it is vital to note that there is a charge for sending score reports to additional schools.

Once you have registered for the ACT, there is no allowance for cancellation as most of the fees will be non-refundable. The ACT fee without writing is $55, and it is $70 with writing. For late registration, there is an additional fee of $30.

Usually, regular registration deadlines will be around 5-6 weeks before the test date, while late registration is three weeks before the ACT date.

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