How to Register and Take the GRE

Complete Guide to GRE Registration & Taking the GRE Test

how-to-take-the-greHow to Take the GRE

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a standardized test that measures the test taker’s aptitude for logical reasoning in vocabulary, analytical writing, and math.

The test is vital to most graduate schools in determining the eligibility of applicants for graduate programs. It is a multiple-choice computer-based test sometimes administered through a paper-delivered format in areas where the computerized test is not available.

Let’s look at how to take the GRE and ways you can complete your GRE registration.

8 Steps to GRE Registration Explained

How to Register for the GRE

Before starting the GRE registration process, you should ensure you have all personal information required, including full name, date of birth, email address, home address, social security number, which is optional, and phone number.

Ensure that the details that you use for registration appear the same way as in the ID you will use during the test day. Having your ID during registration will help you ensure that your name matches the ID in the order they appear.

In addition, you need a credit/debit card which you will use to make payment. Alternatively, you can pay through certified check, money order, eCheck service, or PayPal.

1: Create a My GRE Account

The first step is creating your ETS account on the ETS website. You will register for GRE through this account, receive your GRE scores and make any changes to test reservations.

Then, on the page, click the “Create an Account” tab in the “New Users” section. You will be required to fill in your personal information to complete your profile.

2: Register for GRE

After filling in the personal information, you will move to the next step, which is registering. It would be best to create an account username and password and security questions to create login credentials.

After verifying your account, by clicking the verification email sent to you will be ready to go. After login into your account on the home page, you will see a blue icon “Register/ Find test centres, Date,” which once you click, your registration process will be underway.

3: Select You Test Center

You will also need to pick the test center that is most convenient and accessible to you from where you will take the test from. On the “find test center,” you can click to search for available test centers near you.

The search can be through address, by state, or city. Because you need to arrive early during the test date, you should start the search using your home address, and if there are fewer options, you can expand the search to include your city or state.

4: Select the Date and Time of Testing

On you click in the “Find test centre, date” tab, you will fill in details of the GRE test you wish to take, and you will be given options on the date and testing time the GRE test will be available in the center that you selected.

When looking for a test center, you should choose a two-month range for which you will be searching available dates and test centers. It is vital to note that you may register even a year in advance, but your registration should not be later than two days ahead of the test date.

5: Identification Confirmation

Verification of your identity is the final stage in the registration process before proceeding to payment.

After that, you have to confirm the personal GRE Search Service that allows schools and colleges to contact you, pick a test preparation material if you wish, and fill in your background information.

6: Enter Your Background Information

Filling of background information is only for purposes of GRE Search services. Therefore, the only information that is required will be the asterisk-marked fields.

Notably, when filling in the background information, you can decide to skip other fields that are not mandatory depending on how comfortable you are in filing the details.

7: Payment

Before you finalize, you have to make your application fee payment of $205, and in most cases, you can pay through credit or debit card, but other forms such as PayPal or eCheck payment service are allowed.

Once you have checked out your payment, you will receive a confirmation email that contains your details.

8: Print Your Paper-Based Admission Ticket

After payment, the confirmation email you receive is the pass that you should show during the test date. It contains the exam date, test center, time and your confirmation number.

You can print this ticket, and you are ready to go. Most importantly, this information can still be accessed through your ETS account.

Other GRE Registration Methods

Besides online registration, you can equally register by phone, but the procedures and information vary depending on the country.

With phone registration, you equally receive the test center, date and time, and confirmation number, and you should write them down because they will be needed on the test date.

If you are outside Canada and the US, you should call Regional Registration Centre at least two days before the date you want to take the test.

Can You Take the GRE Test at Home?

Yes, you can register for the GRE and take the GRE test at home. The “At Home” testing model was heavily adopted in 2020 while most testing centers were closed and candidates were at their houses.

Now candidates can easily take the GRE at home through their ETS online account. Simply, log on and register for an “At Home” test. Once you are approved, you will be able to choose your testing date. Typically, they will have testing dates available within 24 hours from your registration.

What is the GRE?

The exam comprises three sections designed to measure quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and verbal reasoning skills. The verbal reasoning section will assess the candidate’s ability to distinguish relevant and significant points, draw conclusions, and understand sentences and words, among other aspects.

The quant section involves solving problems evaluated by the use of data analysis, algebra and geometry concepts. The test taker will employ mathematical formulas, analyze and interpret data to solve a problem. The ‘last section, which is the analytical writing section, measures one’s ability of critical reasoning to articulate ideas in essays to support or argue against a given topic.

The GRE score is vital for graduate school admission or winning a fellowship scholarship. Admission committees will use GRE scores to compare applicants for a given program besides other application supporting material and academic records. Therefore it is a measure of one’s preparedness for a graduate program. Notably, the score tends to vary from school to school and even departments depending on the program you are pursuing.

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