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sat-test-locationsHow To Locate SAT Testing Centers And Register For The Exam

Besides studying for the SAT and being in an excellent mental state on the test day, some something can make a difference in how you score. One of the things to consider is the SAT test site where you will sit the exam.

The SAT test location that you choose to take the SAT could impact your overall score. Thus, it’s a critical part of planning out your overall SAT process.

Sometimes logistic and environmental issues can affect your performance, even if you prepared thoroughly by reading. That being said, let’s check out how to find the right testing center and register for the exam.

What are SAT Test Locations and Testing Centers?

These are central locations where you can sit the SAT exam in readiness for joining college. There are various centers across the US, and in most cases, the College Board offers the exam in educational institutions such as high schools, universities, and colleges in each state.

Similarly, there are more than 1000 international test centers across 175 countries. Interestingly, if you stay over 75 miles from the closest test center, you can request to have a test center near your home, and the College Board will assist in opening the center.

Where are SAT Test Sites Located?

As indicated, the College Board administers SAT at several testing centers in the US and internationally at colleges and high schools. Interestingly not all test locations are open at given test dates, and the number of available seats tends to vary from center to center. It is vital to consider taking your SAT exam in a familiar location, such as your high school.

You should check with the counselor if the school is a test center and the dates it offers the test to help you determine the date you should pick. If the school doesn’t provide a test center, you can search the College Board website to see locations offering the test near your home.

How do You Find and Locate SAT Test Sites?

Locating SAT site near you can be done through an online search by state or search by Zip code. You can visit the College Board site and search for a test center near you by the state, not the city. When you use “city” in your search, the SAT centers that will be found are those in the city, and results will not include those of nearby towns.

Search by state, and then you can choose nearby cities. The only drawback with this approach is you won’t search for test centers near you but in different cities. You may also not know whether the test centers will offer the exam on the test date you plan to sit the exam or whether all seats are taken. Here is an example search for the state of California:


Therefore, if you are looking into these specifications, you can consider searching SAT centers by Zip Code. This process involves starting the registration process to know available centers and if a seat is available, but you don’t have to complete the process.

You should create an account in the College Board, and then after logging in, you will be taken to the “My SAT” page, where you will start the registration process. You will have to fill in personal information, including when you prefer to take the test. You can skip other forms about high school information and click on “Select test & Centre.”

At the bottom of the web page, you can use a search button to search SAT center by Zip Code. You will be able to see test locations and if there is are seats available in a given center.

A useful tip is to find the closest testing site to your house. The last thing you want to do on your test date is to be confused with directions to an unknown area. You should be thinking about what you’ve studied and how to improve your SAT score, not about directions to a testing center.

SAT Test Registration Process & Testing Centers

The SAT registration process starts with picking the SAT date and testing center. You can check when your school offers SAT or any location near you. Equally, keep in mind the registration deadline ion the test date that you have picked. The other thing is to decide if you will sit the SAT with the optional test or without.

With everything set, you can log into your account on the College Board website with your name as it appears on the ID. There are questions that you will need to fill about your personal information. This will be vital in providing information about your preferred college/universities.

You have to upload a photo meeting the College Board’s requirements. This photo will be part of your identification on the test date. The photo should not have any shadows/dark spots, should be within a frame and easily recognizable, and it has to be a photo of only you. After uploading the photo, you can pay and print your admission ticket.

Alternatively, you can register by mail. But this takes time, and unless you are below 13 years or don’t have a credit card to pay with, you should consider applying online. Similarly, paper registration is available for those requesting for Sunday testing, closer to home testing, paying by money order to check to the College Board, or unable to register online.

SAT Registration Deadline for Test Locations

Students should register for SAT early because of the limited number of seats at SAT testing centers. The registration deadline is often one month before the exam date, and late registration attracts a late registration fee. For late registration, students can do so two weeks before the test date, and for students outside the US, the option for late registration is not available.

Notably, if you miss the late registration deadline, you can request Waitlist Status. This means that those on the waitlist status can come during the test date and sit the test if all the other test takes at the site have enough testing materials and are ready for the test.

How much does registration at an SAT Test Site Cost?

The SAT test registration fee for a testing site costs approximately $52, but this depending on which tests you plan on taking. The registration fee has to be paid through a credit card or check for those registering for mail. The SAT registration fee is $52. But, if you are taking the Essay, it will cost you $68. The late registration fee is $30.

Most importantly, those students that cannot afford to pay the registration fee can take advantage of the fee waiver. If you are using a fee waiver, you should enter your fee waiver card identification number. Also, for homeschooled test takers, you can enter 970000 as the high school code.

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