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Ultimate Review of Prep Expert ACT Online Prep Course - Is it Worth it?

prep-expert-act-prep-course-reviewPrep Expert ACT is a fast-growing edu-tech company founded by Shaan Patel in 2016. Prep Expert gained widespread popularity after Patel appeared on Shark Tank and received a investment from billionaire, Mark Cuban.

This course is best know for its test taking techniques are derived from the Patel’s unique approach to SAT testing. They were then adapted to the ACT test. The course include over 100 ACT test strategies developed by perfect ACT scorer, Clay Cooper.

Let’s check out the Prep Expert ACT prep course and review its tutoring services, core features, and study materials to see if Prep Expert will improve your ACT score.

Course Overview

prep-expert-act-reviewPrep Expert offers 3 different ACT prep course formats. Each course differs from other in terms of length, the number of hours, and format.

  • 6-Week Flagship
  • 3-Week Fast-Track
  • Weekend Review
  • Self-Paced Course

6-Week Flagship

The 6-week Flagship ACT course is the most popular and costs about $799. Usually, it costs about $999, but Prep Expert offers a $200 discount, hence the price reduction. This package involves the students and instructors meeting twice a week for 3 hours of instruction and teaching.

Both parties are also to meet once a week for 4 hours for a self-invigilated mock ACT exam. It includes 6 weeks of live online classes, video sessions, 100 ACT strategies, and more than 1000 practice questions.

It also carries the biggest score increase guarantee, which is a 4+ point score improvement guarantee.

3-Week Fast-Track

The 3-Week Fast Track ACT course was designed for students who have less than a month to prepare for the ACT test.

This fast-paced course runs you through the major test subjects that are included on the 6-week course, but condenses and simplifies the study materials, so you can get through them faster.

This course offers a score guarantee of 2+ points from your previous ACT attempt. It’s a great option for students who need to cram before their test day. The 3-week course costs around $999, about the same as the 6-week course.

Weekend Review ACT Prep

The Weekend Review ACT Prep Course covers up to a third of the 6-week Flagship curriculum in two days. It currently costs about $299.

Students and instructors are to meet Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm. It is ideal for last-minute preparations, and students have the opportunity to ask their last-minute questions.

This course has received popularity and is regarded as a high-impact session. It also contains ACT strategies, ebooks, score improvement guarantee, and practice questions like the Flagship course.

Self-Paced ACT Course

Finally, the Self-Paced Video ACT course is highly recommended for students who prefer to prepare for the ACTs at their own pace. It currently costs about $499. It consists of over 30 hours of pre-recorded video lessons by Dr. Shaan Patel.

It provides students with year-round access to the course to prepare at their own time and pace. It also includes a score improvement guarantee and other features present in the other packages.

As high as these prices may seem, Prep Expert offers considerably cheaper prep tests with quality material and expertise than other prep test companies.

Course Features

Dashboard and Course Software

Prep Expert provides a virtual classroom for this course, and the platform is mostly unique for its simplicity. The virtual classroom is designed to be user-friendly and conducive for all its learning activities.

Its most prominent feature is a virtual whiteboard, with the instructor’s video next to it. Users can chat with each other and ask questions using the chatbox. The dashboard quickly displays classes, tasks, books, and practice exams, making it suitable for easy access.

This learning platform is up-to-date and is designed to be functional as there are no distractions or unnecessary clutters. This makes it easy for users to give optimum focus to each lesson.

Video Lectures

The course packages contain video lectures that guide you through different sections of the course and practice questions to work with. In addition, there are live streams of most lessons, including a chatbox allowing students to interact with each other and the instructor.

This feature encourages participation and allows the instructors to use different techniques by using Adobe Connect.

As such, interaction with the tutor is considered a standard requirement. This is achieved by a polling feature that requires students to complete polls as proof of their attendance. This is an effective way to ensure that students are adequately engaged and not quickly lose focus.

Practice Exams and Questions

The course provides over 1,000 ACT practice questions. With this, students can adequately prepare for their ACT exams. It also helps students become accustomed to the ACT exam patterns before time.

The course also includes various task-based simulations and practice test essays. The user interface makes it easy to access answers to homework.

Course Analytics and Tracking

The course technology enables you to track your performance as you take the practice tests. In addition, this technology ensures that the exams are automatically graded so students can access their scores immediately and do not have to check for answers manually.

Essays are to be graded by essay scorers but will take about 4-5 business days to be scored.

Study Materials

Numerous study materials and resources are provided in this course to aid student study sessions for the ACTs. Dr. Shaan also has pre-recorded video lessons, which can be accessed anytime.

These videos demonstrate his proven strategies and the best ways to apply them in practice tests and essays. The course package also provides access to 6 ACT course books. All of these books cover all sections of the ACT exams.

Depending on the course package, students can access their dashboard and study materials for up to 2 months after their last session or more. This is very useful for students who perform lower than their expectations because they can use these study materials to prepare for a retake without retaking the course.


Prep Expert does not offer flashcards for its ACT courses. Many users and students have criticized the lack of this feature. This is because flashcards aid memorization and enhance study sessions.

However, there is a possibility that updated versions of the course might include flashcards.


Prep Expert provides an excellent support system for students. They provide students with consulting services, including planning, application strategy, school selection, essay edits, test preparations, and much more.

Students can plan their schedules and pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses with these. This support system also helps students create a unique narrative to set them apart from other applicants.

The platform also offers examination assistance by the best tutors for the benefit of the students.

Score Improvement Guarantee

Another outstanding quality of Prep Expert is its score improvement guarantees. If, after taking this course, your score does not improve at all, you are entitled to a full refund. The guarantees, however, vary depending on the course opted for.

For instance, if you take the 6-week course and have a starting score of 28 or less, you have a guaranteed score increase of 4 points. The only requirement for these guarantees is completing your prep course and taking the actual ACT.

These have sparked students’ interest in considering Prep Expert as a credible ACT exams prep institute.

Who is this course right for?

This course is best suited for students who want to learn test taking tips and strategies. This course is packed with special tricks that will help your test taking abilities. It’s also great for students who want to interact with their instructors directly.

The Prep Expert ACT Review Program is exceptional for so many reasons. Compared to other ACT courses, the course offers twice the number of hours at approximately half the price on the market. The tutors are top-notch and have acquired years of teaching experience.

They have coached hundreds of students and helped them crush their ACT exams with the aid of their test prep techniques which have been proven over time. Students receive a bonus book containing proven strategies to earn excellent scores upon enrollment.

The ACT courses offered by Prep Expert are taught by veteran tutors who are hand picked by Shaan Patel, the Prep Expert Founder, and have tested in the 99th percentile of ACT test takers. Prep Expert also provides an exam-like environment supported with simulated tests and practice exams for adequate preparation. In all, Prep Expert offers dynamic coursework and ranks high among the ACT prep industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Prep Expert’s ACT review course.

How much does Prep Expert ACT prep cost?

Prep Expert ACT courses range from $500 to $1,000 depending on the course plan and tutoring package that you choose. The most popular course is the Flagship 6-week prep course that costs $1,000.

What is Prep Expert’s best feature?

By far the top feature of Prep Expert is the 100 ACT test taking tips developed by the founder, Shaan Patel. These strategies are a game changer and will help almost anyone improve their score through either a self-study or tutoring ACT course.

Is Prep Expert ACT prep worth it?

Prep Expert ACT is a great ACT review course. The test taking tips coupled with over 36 hours of live class tutoring will help you improve your score. Plus, you also get access to a huge test bank of official ACT practice test questions as well as additional video lessons.

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