The Princeton Review ACT Prep Course Review

Complete Review of The Princeton Review ACT Course - Is it Worth it?

the-princeton-review-act-prep-courseThe Princeton Review has been an industry leader in ACT prep courses for over 35 years. They’ve helped tens of thousands of students improve their ACT scores. Needless to say, they know a thing or two about the ACT test.

The ACT review course offered by Princeton Review Prep is thorough and covers every topic that you will need to know to be successful on the test.

In addition the study materials are divided into microforms, so they are simple to navigate. It’s no wonder why so many students think Princeton Review has the best ACT preparation course.

Let’s look at each feature of this ACT review course to see how it compares to other courses on the market, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Course Overview

princeton-review-actThe Princeton Review ACT Prep courses are widely considered among the top ACT preparation courses available. They are jam-packed with incredible features to help you study faster and improve your ACT score in a shorter period of time.

The Princeton Review is one of only a few prep courses that offers live teaching and advice. This feature is beneficial because it gives students the chance to get more information about things they don’t understand and ask questions that they don’t see answered in the videos or study materials.

Another key feature that Princeton Review offers is unlimited testing and unlimited updates. They never want you to study with an outdated program, so they constantly update your course. Likewise, they let you take the ACT as many times as you need to improve your score.

The Princeton Review Prep has four main ACT prep courses: ACT 34+, ACT 31+, Essentials, and Self-paced. As a result, the classes differ in value and price.

ACT 34+ Tutoring Prep Course


The ACT 34+ tutoring course is the ultimate ACT prep course. It has every feature you can think of with a 34+ score guarantee. Here are some of the features of this course.

Course Features:

  • ACT 34+ score guarantee
  • 18 hours of tutoring from a 34+ scored Tutor
  • Over 1,500 practice questions
  • 10 full practice tests
  • Over 100 interactive video lessons
  • Over 37 online drills
  • The Princeton Review digital textbook
  • Unlimited ACT Advantage sessions

The tutors of ACT 34+ tutoring have worked with a diverse range of students with a wide range of needs and backgrounds. As a result, they have been able to tailor their teaching methods to the needs of each of their students, which has helped many students dramatically improve their test scores.

The videos are made in a very engaging way and are clear enough for anyone to understand. Also, with this package, you can access experts for an unlimited time to get answers to your ACT questions. This course is available both in-person and online. Students who do not need a 34 on the ACT but would still like to study with the top ACT 34+ tutors to get outstanding results may also enroll in this package.

Additionally, students who need fewer hours than the complete package are also accommodated as part of this tutoring package.

ACT 31+ Tutoring Prep Course


The ACT 31+ tutoring course is another option for students who don’t need as much teaching or who have a smaller budget. Equally, this course offers a ton of features.

Course Features:

  • Over 36 hours of live classroom style instruction
  • 4 practice tests
  • 7 full practice tests
  • 8 single-section practice tests
  • 24/7 On-Demand Tutoring
  • Princeton Review practice books
  • Customized study plan

ACT 31+ score tutoring is another package. This package is ideal for students who want to attend a top-30 institution for their undergraduate degree. In addition, this instructional plan is both appropriate and beneficial for students who wish to be considered for merit-based financial assistance.

This package includes proven ACT tactics taught by top ACT specialists to students who have achieved top-5% test scores. In addition, 31+ experts will ensure you are ready for every challenge.

One of the core values of this package is practice test taking. The adaptive course builds customized exercises tailored to your current knowledge. The system is designed to understand your learning techniques and provide the relevant issue kinds at the proper levels for each finished drill. In addition, expert tutors will be accessible on-demand to answer complex questions from your practice.

ACT Essential Tutoring Prep Course


ACT Essential is another package that gives you the core study materials you need to prepare for the ACT test. With this package, you have access to ACT-relevant materials and practice tests.

Course Features:

  • 137 drills
  • 1,200+ practice questions
  • ACT Advantage Live Online Sessions
  • 11 Practice tests
  • 8 Single section practice tests

This course gives you everything you need to study without anything extra. It’s a great bare bones study tool.

ACT Self-Paced Prep Course


The Princeton Review ACT Self-Paced course gives you access to their study materials, books, and practice tests, so you can go through them at your own pace.

This option is the cheapest of the four study guides and it’s also many people favorite. This option would be great for you if you don’t want a tutor or don’t have time to attend classes. You can go through this course on your own.

Now that we’ve explained the different courses The Princeton Review offers, let’s look at some features.

Course Features

Dashboard and Course Software

One of the fantastic features of the course is the dashboard you see in the portal. The dashboard is easy to understand and allows you to navigate to each lesson in a way that makes sense.

The My Campus dashboard displays all of the courses you are enrolled in as well as your progress through each course. The dashboard also gives you helpful reminders and notifications to keep you on task.

My Campus also shows the study planner where you can chart out your daily and weekly study goals to make sure you get through the study course before your exam day.

Top-Percentile Instructors

Another similarity that all of the courses offered by the Princeton Review Prep have is that they are all taught by very talented professionals. Every teacher and tutor has a wealth of experience and knowledge about how to help students pass the ACT with flying colors.

Each course level has different instructors. For instance, the 34+ course has instructors who personally score higher than a 34 on the ACT. This means you are learning from people who know first hand how to score highly on the ACT.

No matter which package you get, the instructors are all vetted and highly knowledgeable.

Video Lectures

The Princeton Review ACT Prep offers over 140 video lessons to help explain though ACT concepts and give test taking tips.

These engaging videos answer your questions and work through test examples in each course. The video lectures are designed to be both entertaining and educational. They also give students the ability to pause, rewind, and re-watch explanations that they struggle with.

Practice Tests and Questions

The ACT practice tests features is one of the largest parts of The Princeton Review ACT course. It has over 1,200 practice questions giving students an opportunity to test their knowledge on every subject covered on the ACT.

Practice tests are an excellent way to check your progress through the course as well. This feature helps students see what topics and areas they struggle with, so they can go back and review those topics again.

Course Tracking & Progress Reports

All of the Princeton Review courses have advanced analytics and tracking software that is accessible through the dashboard. This gives you the chance to see how far through the course you’ve gotten and how much more you need to finish before your exam day.

You can also set the progress reports feature to send you reports showing your strengths and weaknesses, so you can focus on key areas you need to improve.

Study Materials

The Princeton Review’s ACT Prep course includes printed textbooks, digital textbooks, and study planners.

In addition, physical and digital versions of study materials are always available for purchase because these resources take time to convey the necessary information you need.


Giving support to students is fundamental to the tutoring service at Princeton Review. To have an effective tutoring process, they have numerous experts readily available to help students make their dream of an excellent ACT score come true.

If there was an issue encountered while practicing, students contact their tutors directly for additional help.

The Princeton Review Prep has also adopted a series of live online tutorials to help tutors know their students. In this way, they can make the tutorial unique for each student and build a custom course for each.

This way you aren’t studying from a generic course, you get personal training to help you understand the materials and improve your test score.

Who is this ACT Prep Course right for?

The Princeton Review ACT course is perfect for students who want personal attention. If you want a personalized tutoring session that is tailored to your knowledge and needs, this is a great course for you.

Although it has a few outdated features like the dashboard, the tutoring is second to none. It’s super helpful and they guarantee that you will score highly.

If you don’t care about the tutoring and simply want a self-paced review book, Princeton Review has that option for you as well.

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