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A Complete Review of Wiley CPAexcel CPA Prep Course for 2023

wiley-cpaexcel-cpa-review-courseWiley CPA review, formerly Wiley CPAexcel, is among the best in terms of exam pass rates and study tools. Wiley started as a publishing company more than two centuries ago and gradually gravitated towards exam preparation.

Wiley developed digital learning as well as assessment tools for the scientific, technical, and accounting fields. They have created a reputation in terms of innovation in CPA, CFA, CMA, and CIA test prep.

In 2012, Wiley bought CPAExcel and Efficient Learning Systems to offer the best possible learning tools to all their customers.

Let’s jump into the Wiley CPAexcel review course and test out its CPA study materials, bite-sized video lessons, and other features to see if this is the CPA course for you.

Course Overview

wiley-cpaexcel-cpa-reviewFor years, Wiley has been creating exam prep materials for a variety of disciplines in the business and finance fields.

CPAexcel review is one of the best courses offering a great mix of study materials for your budget and learning style.

And in addition to the e-books and hard copies, some key features that you can expect include:

  • Over 140 hours of instructional video lectures
  • 6,000 multiple-choice questions and 12,000 questions when you purchase the platinum package
  • More than 300 task-based simulations
  • 4,000 digital flashcards
  • Over 40 written communications
  • 5,000 knowledge checks that are geared towards keeping you on your toes as you continue preparing for your exam

Wiley CPA Course Packages


The CPAexcel review course comes in three different study material packages:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver

With Wiley CPA Review, however, it’s also possible to purchase single components such as the Wiley Test Bank if you are looking to supplement your studies.

What makes Wiley CPA Review stand out, you ask? For one, unlike other review courses, Wiley has broken down the different concepts into bite-sized 30-minute sessions that include text, video, and other multi-media elements geared towards helping you grasp content fast and efficiently.

The shorter lesson break down the complicated concepts so that you only learn the major concepts that you need to understand to ace the CPA exam. Another great feature is that each one of these lessons ends with a mini quiz that points out your areas of weaknesses.

The Wiley CPA Learning platform simplifies the CPA exam study process making it less hectic. The fact that you can track your progress as well as have study materials suggested to you makes it worth every dime.

Thanks to Wiley, you don’t need to spend so many hours studying concepts that you already know. Rather, you can spend more time on areas that you need more improvement in.

Course Features

The Wiley CPA review course is usually segmented to make the process as simple as possible so that you can move through the course at your own pace while focusing on the most important sections.

Here are the features to look forward to when you start your CPA exam review course.

Dashboard & Course Software/Layout

Wiley is known for offering the most multiple-choice questions as well as task-based simulations than other CPA exam preparation companies. But is more always better?

More questions mean more study time especially considering that the course is not tailored to meet the needs of individual students.

Wiley, however, offers short pre-assessments at the start of each category with the score determining what you need to concentrate more on. The course also comes with a static calendar that doubles as a study planner.


Video Lectures

Wiley CPAexcel comes packaged with more than 140 video lectures when you enroll for the Platinum package. What’s even more interesting is that the videos are broken down into bite-sized lessons such that you can watch each in 30 minutes or less.


Besides, the platinum package also includes Deep Dive Videos which are essential for international accounting candidates and those who don’t have a strong background in accounting.

The video lectures are created by experienced educators from institutions such as ASU, NIU, UK, and Middle Tennessee State University among others. As such, you are assured that you will be learning from the best instructors in the industry.

Practice Exam Questions & Test Bank

The Wiley CPAexcel has one of the largest test banks in the test prep industries. Wiley gives you access to over 12,000 practice questions.


In addition, every lesson contains plenty of questions on the topics from the test bank. There are also more than 6,000 multi-choice questions (MCQs) in their CPA Test Bank and more than 300 task-based questions in the Platinum course.

This is something that you don’t find in other similar courses hence why you should give Wiley CPAexcel a try.

Course Analytics and Study Planner

The main reason why candidates especially those preparing for the CPA exam fail is due to lack of time management. This happens where you don’t set aside enough time to study the review because the course you enrolled in doesn’t offer a way to track your progress.

To ensure that this does not happen to you, Wiley CPAexcel includes personalized exam planning with each course.



How does this work? First, open the study planner and input your future exam date. Then enter the estimated hours you are currently planning on studying every week.

The study planner creates a bunch of assignments as well as the amount of time you’ll need to study. The only thing you have to do is check off the boxes when you complete an assignment.

Wiley CPAexcel also makes it possible to track your study progress as you go through the course. It will create reports for you to analyze your study sessions.

Study Textbook and Materials

The study materials you get when you enroll for Wiley CPA review will depend on the package. With the platinum package, you get either an e-book or printed CPA study guides.


However, if you choose print, you will also get an e-book. In addition, you will have access to up to 250 printed flashcards per section.

Wiley CPA also includes their Focus Notes that can be used as additional flashcards with detailed explanations. The printed note cards break down the sections into easy to understand concepts.

CPAexcel Flashcards

Wiley includes digital as well as print flashcards that contain the key terms as well as definitions of most of the topics that are covered. You can use the digital flashcards on your mobile device or computer so that you are always studying on the go.


The printed flashcards, however, should you decide to get them, come at an extra cost. If you are going to sign up for Wiley’s CPA Review course, digital flashcards are recommended especially if you are the kind that does more of your studying on a phone or tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most popular questions CPA candidates have about Wiley CPAexcel exam courses.

Does Wiley CPAexcel have unlimited access to their review course?

How long you can access the course material is always an important factor to consider when you are about to enroll for a review course. Wiley CPAexcel stands out because you get unlimited access to everything until you pass the exam.

That means if you don’t pass the CPA exam on the first try, you won’t have to pay more to retake the course. What’s even better is that you will continue receiving free updates as you continue studying.

Does CPAexcel offer a financing program or payment plan?

Wiley CPAexcel offers different packages for those who are looking to pass the CPA exam. The packages include the Platinum Review Course that goes for $2,800, Gold Review Course for $2,275 and the cheapest package is the Silver Review Course that goes for $2,100. In addition, you can opt for individual parts of the course but in the end, that is going to cost you more.

  • Platinum: $800
  • Gold: $650
  • Silver: $600

Wiley however does offer financing options for all the packages when you choose Paypal Credit as the payment option. They also offer student discounts that you need to look out for from time to time.

Does Wiley CPA have CPA exam mentors, coaches, or tutors?

With Wiley CPAExcel, support and coaching are included in the individual packages. Through the Wiley CPAexcel program, you have access to the exam training professionals.

These highly qualified instructors are available for mentoring and coaching. Besides, the support team is always available for any questions or issues you may have.

As a bonus, when you enroll for the course, you will also have access to the archived discussions for answers to questions that you may need immediate help with.

How much does the Wiley CPAExcel review course cost?

Wiley CPA offers three unique CPA study courses that cost between $1,499 and $3,100. The CPAexcel ultimate mentor course includes an industry leading mentorship program with an established certified public accountant.

What is the best feature of Wiley CPA course?

Many candidates choose Wiley CPAexcel because of their bite-sized lessons. These short and engaging lessons grab your attention and help you focus on the CPA exam topics you need to learn.

Is Wiley CPAexcel CPA Review worth the price?

In short, yes. Wiley CPAexcel has been one of the top CPA prep courses for over a decade. They’ve revolutionized the way CPA candidates prepare for the exam and have helped tens of thousands pass the exam.

Wiley CPAexcel vs Becker CPA – Is Wiley Better?

Lots of CPA candidates prefer Wiley CPAexcel better than Becker CPA because the Wiley CPA course uses their trademark bite-sized learning system. These shorter lessons break down the complex CPA exam topics, so you can understand and retain them in a shorter amount of time.

Is Wiley CPAexcel the best course for you?

Wiley CPAexcel is one of the best courses out there for one reason. They have the largest practice question and task-based simulation bank that contains more than 12,000 MCQs.

The course is also broken down into easy to understand bite-sized lessons. As such, the course is ideal for people who don’t have a lot of time to commit to learning to pass the CPA exam.

This is because the bite-sized lessons mean that you get to concentrate on areas that you need more help in rather than generalized learning.

What this means is that the program is an excellent choice for anyone trying to schedule CPA exam preparation around other commitments such as school, work, or family.

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