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Comprehensive Review of Yaeger CPA Prep Course Guide for 2022

yaeger-cpa-review-courseYaeger CPA review has been an industry leading prep course since its start in 1977. Helping tens of thousands of CPA candidates pass the exam and become CPAs over the year, Yaeger has proved itself as a top tier CPA exam study guide.

Yaeger CPA was founded after Phil Yaeger passed his CPA exam in 1972 with a review course that was available at the time. His experience with this study guide wasn’t great and he knew there had to be a better way.

This determination led him to start Yaeger CPA Review in 1977. What started as a traditional live in-person course with only 13 students has grown to be one of the largest CPA Review courses today.

Yeager CPA Review strives at offering only the best quality CPA exam preparation by keeping up to date with exam changes.

Let’s evaluate Yaeger CPA review and explore its exam study materials, AdaptPass learning software, benefits and drawbacks to see if this is the best CPA study guide for you to pass the exam.

Yaeger CPA Course Overview

yeager-cpa-reviewYaeger study materials are usually categorized based on the topic for different chapters. Every chapter contains lessons that students can access easily through the student portal. Yaeger continues to update their products to prepare CPA students for changes to the CPA exam that happen yearly as they continue adding new features.

Yaeger has also introduced AdaptPASS which is an adaptive technology that adapts based on the strengths and weaknesses of each student. What this means is that once you enroll in the course, you get a customizable study plan based on not only your needs but learning style.

Here are some features that you can expect when you enroll for this prep course;

  • Over 140 hours of CPA exam video lectures
  • Online textbooks although you can still request physical ones as well
  • 4,300 multiple choice questions and 164 task-based simulations
  • One on one instructor support
  • Audio lectures
  • An exam simulator and personalized quiz generator

Yaeger CPA Course Packages

yaeger-cpa-review-course-packagesYaeger has been offering CPA prep services for years now and they remain among the best providers. What sets this course apart from other prep courses is the way the content is organized and delivered. Most CPA courses tend to base their material on older material. Yaeger instead, cuts straight to the point through the implementation of information from the AICPA Blueprints.

The AICPA releases blueprints every year that describe in depth the subject matter as well a focus of every year’s CPA exam. This document is usually an invaluable way of learning more about the material covered since it is designed by the people who write a well as grade the CPA exams.

Yaeger CPA Course Features

Yaeger is among the most popular CPA prep study guides on the market having helped thousands of accounting candidates become CPAs.

CPA Course Dashboard Layout

Once you are logged into the Yaeger dashboard, you are required to answer a few questions first. This is so that the course can adjust to your learning style and scheduling needs. Once you have provided all the information that is needed, a custom study planner is generated that you can access through the dashboard.


Also included in the dashboard is access to instructors, tracked progress, test bank, and quizzes. The course software makes studying and navigating the course easy.

Video Lectures

Yaeger comes packaged with over 100 hours of video lectures. As a bonus, the video lectures also have note-taking tools that you can use as you continue watching the videos. The quality of the videos is great but some students have reported that the lectures can get boring and some seem dry.

In the past, several students have criticized these video lessons saying that they are sometimes difficult to pay attention to. To solve that issue, Yeager started breaking down the videos into bite-sized 15-minute lessons that get straight to the point.

Yaeger Practice Quiz Test Bank

Yeager CPA Review includes up to 4,300 multiple-choice questions. To practice with them, you will need to create custom quizzes on specific topics that you require to complete the review. Yaeger also has an exam simulator whereby you get to take a practice exam that mirrors the actual CPA exam.


The exam simulator is a great way to test your speed as well as test-taking strategies so that you are fully prepared for the exam. The course also comes with a game center where you get to compete with other students and it’s a great way of motivating yourself to stay on track.

Study Planner & Course Analytics

In terms of progress trackers and course analytics, when you sign up for the Yaeger CPA, the system generates a custom study planner. This way you keep progress of the topics you’re learning and how far you have to go until you are ready to take the exam.

Also, you can generate custom quizzes as you continue studying helps you know which areas you need to focus more on rather than concentrating on all topics blindly.

Textbooks & Study Materials

Yaeger CPA Review comes with online textbooks that are synced to the video lectures. These downloadable PDF textbooks include all the AICPA blueprints. These study materials are usually tailored to take you through every blueprint task that is tested on the actual exams.


The books are reviewed as well as updated every year. The study materials also come with audio lectures and audiobooks alike. These ensure that you are always learning on the go rather than waiting until you have the time to sit and watch a video lecture.

Yaeger CPA Flashcards

The Yaeger full course comes with 2,000 printed and digital flashcards which are more than twice what other providers offer. The flashcards usually cover every lesson from the key terms to the practice questions.


You can choose either the digital or printed flashcards or both to practice what you learn. The reason why flashcards are a big deal when you are choosing a prep course is that they make it easy to learn as you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions that CPA candidates have about Yaeger CPA.

Does Yaeger CPA have limited access?

Perhaps the biggest drawback with the Yaeger CPA Review is the access period you are given. Unlike other courses that offer you lifetime access, with Yaeger you only have access for 18 months.

Thus, if you don’t end up passing the exam on your first try, you will be forced to pay more for the study material. However, should you fail a section of your CPA exam, you can be given 3 more months of access to that particular section.

Does Yaeger CPA have payment options or financing?

Yaeger CPA Review has two different packages:

  • The CPA Review BUNDLE for $999 for 4-parts and $299 for a single part
  • The CPA Review BUNDLE+ for $1,399 for 4-parts and $399 for a single part

Yeager offers different financing options and payment plans where you can either pay the whole amount at once or make low monthly payments over a certain period of time. Besides, Yaeger also offers discounts for students and candidates alike.

For instance, with the student discount, you get a 20% discount on the full review course. The convert course discount on the other hand is applied if you purchased a review course from another provider. Yaeger will give you a discount to stop using that company and use Yaeger instead.

Does Yaeger CPA offer student support of CPA exam mentoring?

One of the benefits of enrolling for the Yaeger CPA Review is that they are always committed to offer the best customer services. While other companies offer email mentoring and message boards, Yaeger offers something completely different.

Once you are enrolled for the course you can call or email the instructors directly with questions you may have about the exam or the study materials and you are guaranteed to get a reply within 24 hours. You can even talk directly with Phil Yaeger himself!

How much does the Yaeger CPA review course cost?

Yaeger CPA offers several different CPA exam study guides ranging from $1,199 to $1,899. The basic review includes all of the main study materials but has limited study time. The most popular course, the basic review plus, includes all the same study guides but adds a cram course, audio lectures, and unlimited access.

What is the best feature of Yaeger CPA course?

Most CPA candidates gravitate toward Phil Yaeger’s teaching style in his video lectures. He has an ability to dive deep into a subject without confusing you. He’s a great teacher and often refers to himself as the “secret sauce” of his prep course.

Is Yaeger CPA Review worth the price?

Yaeger is the best value CPA course with some of the most detailed video lectures out of any study prep guide. They are extremely affordable and manage to pack everything you need to pass the CPA exam into a small price tag. It’s definitely worth the price.

Yaeger CPA vs Becker CPA – Is Yaeger Better?

Thousands of CPA candidates choose Yaeger CPA vs Becker CPA study guide because Yaeger is a better value. The amount of study materials, video lectures, and questions that you get with Yaeger for the price is a much better deal than Becker’s full course.

Is Yaeger CPA Review the best prep course for you?

If you are a visual student who learns best by watching video lectures, Yeager CPA Review is a great course for you. The videos are detailed and explain each concept and topic clearly. The videos also go a step further and walk you through past exam questions so that you have a clear idea of how to tackle the actual questions in the exam.

Consequently, Yaeger CPA Review is best suited for anyone who has been out of school for a long time as well as CPA candidates who want more detailed materials to prepare for the exam. It is also a great prep course for those who are looking for detailed lectures that actually work through the practice questions and problems as compared to the courses that only offer written explanations to the practice questions.

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