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How Much Does the SAT Cost?


How Much Does it Cost to Take the SAT? Is the Price Worth It? SAT is a college entrance test taken by students to support their college applications. The test evaluates students on knowledge acquired in high school in Math, Reading, and Writing. The College Board sets the testing fees and price each year. Currently, …

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SAT Test Registration


How to Sign up for the SAT Test in 2021 SAT is a necessary standardized test taken by students in readiness for college. Acing the SAT plus a strong GPA will lead to admission to one of the top colleges for high school students once they graduate. Most importantly, when planning to register for SAT, …

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SAT Test Dates


How to Register for SAT Test Dates in 2021 The SAT is a standardized test administered nationally to evaluate students preparing for college. The College Board offers 7 different SAT test dates throughout the year, so you can register for the SAT exam based on your schedule. Picking the right SAT subject test date for …

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SAT Test Locations


How To Locate SAT Testing Centers And Register For The Exam Besides studying for the SAT and being in an excellent mental state on the test day, some something can make a difference in how you score. One of the things to consider is the SAT test site where you will sit the exam. The …

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Average SAT Score


What is an Average SAT Score And How Do SAT Scoring Percentiles Work? After taking the SAT, you might think about how you fare against the average SAT test taker. Interestingly there are several different ways to calculate and categorize average SAT test scores. They include national averages, averages by ethnicity, gender, family income, and …

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What Are The Differences Between ACT and SAT In Score, Format, Sections, and Cost? Students thinking of joining college begin the journey by comparing college readiness tests include the SAT and ACT. The tests usually evaluate the student on the same topics, and their scores are vital in awarding college scholarships and admissions. Most importantly, …

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SAT Word of the Day


Learning new words and improving your vocabulary is the first step to developing better communication skills. These skills will carry you forward in both your academic and professional careers. That’s why there is a vocabulary section on the SAT exam. It’s important to learn these life skills. 100 Most Common SAT Word List Here is …

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