New Hampshire CPA Requirements

NH CPA Exam & License Requirements, Qualifications, & Criteria

new-hampshire-cpa-exam-requirementsHow To Become a CPA in New Hampshire: Step By Step Guide

New Hampshire, sometimes called the White Mountain State, is home to mountains views, large expanses, and natural wilderness. Ranked #3 in opportunity, the New Hampshire is a very friendly business state.

New Hampshire is also a great state for future accountants to start their careers. With the finance and accounting industries accounting for about $20 billion of the state’s $80 billion GDP, NH has plenty of opportunities for CPAs.

To begin your CPA career in New Hampshire, you’ll first need to fulfill the minimum qualifications. Let’s analyze the NH CPA requirements, so you can take the CPA exam and become a licensed CPA in New Hampshire.

Minimum New Hampshire CPA Requirements for Certification

Aspiring CPAs have to complete the following basic CPA requirements to take the CPA exam and become a licensed certified public accountant in New Hampshire:

  • Have a social security number
  • Have a bachelor’s degree (120 credits)
  • Complete 2-years of accountancy work experience
  • Minimum Age: not required
  • US Citizenship: not required
  • New Hampshire Residency: not required

New Hampshire has no age requirement for taking the CPA exam. Likewise, candidates need not be U.S citizens or state residents.

These qualifications are pretty lenient compared with other states and make it pretty easy for CPA candidates to become eligible to sit for the exam.

New Hampshire CPA Certification Education Requirements

New Hampshire has specific education requirements that CPA candidates must fulfill before being allowed to sit for the Uniform CPA exam. Aspiring CPAs must complete at least 150 semester hours of college or university education, leading to a bachelor’s degree.

Within the 150 hours, candidates must include

30 semester hours in accounting courses made up of

  • Management accounting
  • Taxation
  • Auditing
  • Financial accounting

24 semester hours in business elective courses, including

  • Economics
  • Business organizations
  • Professional ethics
  • Finance
  • Business information systems
  • Business law

The New Hampshire Board of accountancy requires all academic credentials to be from an accredited institution. The board also accepts CPA review courses as long as they are taken through an accredited program. CLEP, distance learning, and online courses are also accepted.

Before you assume your CPA course will count towards the 150 credit hour New Hampshire CPA requirements, you should check with the State Board.

New Hampshire CPA Exam Requirements

Only candidates who have completed 120 semester hours of the 150 hours are eligible to take the uniform CPA exam in New Hampshire.

NH does not allow students to take the exam before they graduate. You must complete your undergraduate degree before you qualify to sit for the CPA exam.

Since the CPA exam is so difficult, most CPA candidates use a CPA exam tutoring guide to help them prepare for the exam after they graduate from college.

After you’ve completed your bachelor’s degree, you can send in your CPA exam application to the State Board along with your:

  • College transcripts
  • Social Security Number
  • Official ID
  • Application fees

Once an application is approved, NASBA will send a Notice to Schedule.

A Notice to Schedule is essentially a green light to apply and schedule a CPA exam. An application is only complete upon the paying of CPA examination fees.

NH CPA Exam Costs & Fees

The cost of taking the CPA examination in New Hampshire is $743 plus an initial application fee of $220. Here is a breakdown of the CPA exam costs in New Hampshire:

  • Auditing and Attestation (AUD): $195.35 ‹
  • Business Environment and Concepts (BEC): $176.25 ‹
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR): $195.35 ‹
  • Regulation (REG): $176.25 ‹
  • Application Fee: $220

The reexamination registration fee varies depending on the number of section one is taking. While making payment, it is important to only schedule the examinations that you intend to take within the next six months.

Your NTS is only valid for six months, so if you wait longer than that to take a section after receiving a NTS, you will need to reapply and pay an additional fee.

New Hampshire CPA License Requirements

Applying for a New Hampshire CPA license has to be the easiest part of the rigorous certification process. Before you qualify to become a licensed Certified Public Accountant in NH, you’ll need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Complete an Undergraduate degree program (150 semester hours)
  • Pass the Uniform CPA exam
  • Fulfill the board work experience requirement

CPA Candidates who meet the above CPA exam requirements can apply for a CPA license through the NASBA Licensing Services.

Candidates who hold CPA licenses in other states are also eligible for a New Hampshire reciprocal certificate.

Work Experience Requirements

In order to qualify for CPA licensure in New Hampshire, you will need to complete a work experience program. The board give CPA candidates two different options to fulfill this CPA work experience requirement.

Option #1 – Bachelor’s Degree:

For candidates with a bachelor’s degree, you will need to complete a two year work experience program supervised by an active licensed CPA. Candidates should demonstrate competencies in many accounting fields, including:

  • Auditing financial statements
  • Financial advisory
  • Audit processes
  • Management advisory
  • Tax return preparation
  • Taxation advisory
  • Consultation services

Option #2 – Master’s Degree

If you have a master’s degree, you will only need to complete one year of work experience in the same accounting fields.

Besides, the work experience should be completed under the supervision of a certified public accountant required to fill out the Experience Verification Interest form.

New Hampshire CPA License Application & Renewal

New Hampshire CPAs must renew their CPA licenses every three years. The renewal process can be completed through the New Hampshire State Board of Accountancy website.

Once a CPA license is issued, it is the holders’ responsibility to ensure they remain current by fulfilling continuing professional education. In this case, holders must complete 120 hours of CPE education in three years preceding each license renewal.

New Hampshire CPA Salary

The average New Hampshire CPA salary is $72,000 per year according the to US Department of Labor and Statistics. The salary can increase depending on the industry one is working in and the level of education and professional experience.

In New Hampshire, a licensed CPA’s can work in various sectors of the robust economy. For instance, there are jobs for forensic accountants tasked with curbing financial fraud.

You can also work as a management accountant tasked with looking at every aspect of the business, mostly eliminating inefficiencies. There is also strong demand for financial consultants and advisors in the state.

Steps to Become a CPA in New Hampshire

Aspiring CPAs in New Hampshire only have to:

  • Get an education in the state
  • Take and Pass the Uniform CPA exam
  • Gain the necessary accountancy work experience
  • Apply for the New Hampshire CPA license
  • Continue education in the state

Additional New Hampshire CPA Resources

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