Funniest Accounting Puns for Accountants & CPAs

51 of the Most Hilarious Accounting Puns about Accountants, Tax, and Finance

funniest-accounting-punsWe all know that accountants are nerds, but we can have a sense of humor too. Sometimes the only way you can make it through tax season is to have some hilarious accountant puns up your sleeve at the right time.

We’ve all heard the classic Death and Taxes jobs, so here are some of the funniest accounting puns that you have probably never heard before. Feel free to share them at the office or with a client. You can thank us later.

Accounting Puns

Sometimes studying accounting can be a little too boring. Here are some of the funniest accounting puns that you can use with your friends.

  1. It’s an accrual world
  2. Accumulated depression
  3. Kicking Assets
  4. Be audit you can be
  5. Thigh GAAP
  6. You want a PCAOB of me?!
  7. Plug it to Goodwill
  8. Mind the GAAP
  9. MACRS My Day
  10. Accounts Slayable
  11. All GAAS no brakes
  12. Seal Team SOX

Accountant Puns

Accountants have a sense of humor too even if they rarely show it under their nerd glasses. Here’s a list of the most hilarious accountant puns that you need to tell your coworkers at the office.

  1. Accountants work their assets off
  2. Accountants like to get fiscal
  3. We Excel
  4. Space Audities
  5. I Excel at spreadsheets
  6. Make every day account
  7. Crosby, Stills, Ernst and Young
  8. Accountant don’t lift weights, they crunch numbers
  9. Everyone counts in the accounting department
  10. Accountants can fix any plumbing problem with deduct tape.
  11. If doctors give athletes physicals, then accountants give athletes fiscals.
  12. Accountaholics Anonymous

Finance Puns

Here are some of the best finance puns that you will have to use next time you meet with your financial advisor.

  1. Calc-u-later
  2. Accountants quit when they lose interest
  3. Accountants pre-tax wages are gross
  4. Accountants have excellent figures
  5. Accountants make great chefs because they cook the books
  6. Accountants never retire. They simply close the books
  7. What do you call an accountant who likes to suck your blood? Account Dracula
  8. We’re so good at finance. Even our bank says our balance is outstanding.
  9. Benedict Arnold was a trader.
  10. Don’t hate, depreciate.

Tax Puns

Tax season is long, boring, and busy. The only way to get through it is with a few good jokes.

Here are some of the cheesiest tax puns that you will have to tell your CPA next tax season.

  1. Intaxicated
  2. Where does an accountant call home?  A tax shelters
  3. Why do accountants trip and fall? They are out of balance
  4. What’s an accountant’s favorite plant? Hedge fund
  5. Why did the IRS audit the chiropractor? Because he owed back taxes
  6. Being an accountant is taxing
  7. Be audit you can be
  8. I stopped using Turbo Tax because my accountant wasn’t Intuit
  9. Santa has 500 dependency exemptions on his return. One for Mrs. Clause and 499 for the elves.
  10. Pot smokers all file joint returns.

Make Everyone Laugh at the Accounting Firm

There you go. You have an arsenal of cheesy and hilarious accounting puns to make your friends and coworkers laugh at the office or at a client’s business. Now go out and be the LIFO of the party the next time you meet up with some like minded finance nerds and accountants.

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