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You want your child to succeed, and realize that standardized tests are an important component in determining the school that your child ends up attending.

Test preparation courses often charge hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to help a student prepare for these tests, justifying the exorbitant costs by saying that they can guarantee a student will improve their score by a certain number of points.

Be wary of these claims. The degree of improvement in your child's score is most closely related to the effort he or she puts into studying. is designed to help provide your child with the tools necessary to optimize his or her performance.

As parents, you may be thinking: "Why not pay my money and leave this to the experts?" But ask yourself this: What is the "expert" going to do? Many tutors use the same prep books that are readily available for under $20, and basically act as coaches and motivators to the student. At we think the solution is simple: why not let your child prepare for the SAT on our site and support and monitor your child's test prep by acting as your child's "coach." By signing up as a coach you'll be able to monitor your child's progress, steer him or her to the areas that need work, and provide support and encouragement based on the results you see. If you like, we can even send you email reports on how your child is doing.

We don't want you to take over as your child's coach if you cannot do it. What we want you to think about is this: "How much can I do for and with my child to help him/her prepare for the SAT?" We think you'll be surprised at how effective you can be.

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