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Writing Section
The Writing section of the SAT measures your ability to write in a clear and concise way, use appropriate word choice and sentence structure, and to identify grammatical errors. The Writing Section consists of two parts: an essay portion and a multiple choice section.

For the Essay portion of the exam, you'll be asked to respond to an excerpt of text by writing a short essay addressing the issue(s) raised by the excerpt. You'll be graded based on how well you develop an argument or point of view, use reasoning and evidence to support your point of view, and how well you adhere to the rules of written English in your essay. The essay section is a chance for you to demonstrate that you can organize and express your ideas clearly. You have 25 minutes to complete this portion of the test. Our SAT Essay tutorial provides detailed advice about how to prepare for this section.

The multiple choice section of the SAT Writing exam measures your ability to apply the conventions of standard written English, identify grammatical errors, and edit sentences or paragraphs. This section is 35 minutes long. There are two main types of multiple choice questions in the Writing portion of the SAT: sentence error questions and sentence and paragraph improvement questions. Sentence error questions measure your ability to recognize faults in usage, while sentence improvement questions test your ability to recognize AND correct faults in usage. You can learn much more about this portion of the test in our Grammar tutorial and practice questions, which you can access once you enroll.

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