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What's Up with the SAT?
The SAT measures general scholastic aptitude in three areas: critical reading, quantitative reasoning, and writing.

The critical reading section (formerly known as the verbal section) has two question types: sentence completions and reading comprehension questions. Within the reading comprehension section, there are both long reading passages and short (one paragraph) reading passage questions. All questions are multiple choice with five answer choices. Click here to learn more about these question types, and how best to prepare for them.

The Quantitative section has two types of questions: multiple choice and "grid-ins," which have an answer grid that allows you to enter any four-digit number. These questions cover four main topic areas: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and mathematical logic. Here's some more information on the quantitative section.

The writing section of the SAT consists of two parts: a student-written essay section, in which you'll be asked to write a short essay (25 minutes), and multiple choice questions (35 minutes) that will measure your ability to identify grammatical errors and improve sentences or paragraphs. Learn more about the writing section here.

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