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Frequently Asked Questions About the SAT

Who can help me improve my score?

Lots of people will offer you help in improving your score. Some people sell you small tutorials over the internet, some offer books and CDs for a relatively cheap price, others offer fancy courses for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. None of it hurts. But don't forget that the common element to all these programs is YOU. Either you put the effort in or you don't. There is no magic pill that will give you a better score; and there is no program where you can just go and sit and expect to do better on the test.

So we say that the first step in improving your score is to take the responsibility on yourself. Once you commit to spending a few minutes each day, or two or three hours per week practicing and building the skills that are tested on the test, you'll be well on your way. And notice that you can make that commitment without spending a dime! Now, it is nice to have some help along the way, and you'll probably need some materials. We hope that our website gives you the support you need. We also recommend some products that we've reviewed and that seem helpful.

Finally you might want an actual person to help you. You can hire a tutor, or you can get yourself a mentor. How about working with a parent? With someone who already took the test? With a volunteer from a local college or university? You don't need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get the interpersonal help you need.

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