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On the computer adaptive version of the GRE quantitative section, you will have about 45 minutes to do 28 questions, although it can vary somewhat. Questions will cover arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis.

The GRE quantitative section resembles the SAT's in many respects. The GRE quantitative portion does not test anything beyond what a typical high school student learns. The main differences between the GRE and SAT quantitative sections are that on the GRE students must do more questions, of a greater variety and of slightly elevated difficulty. And GRE students do not get a formula sheet. Nevertheless, the skills tested are very similar, and that is why we break down the tutorials in the same way for the GRE as we do for the SAT.

You may wonder why a quantitative test for graduate school only contains high school math. The justification is that this section is designed to assess your quantitative reasoning. You are given many little problems, each of which requires one or two small tricks to solve. We've said it elsewhere and we'll say it again: this is very much an academic fitness test. Click on the links above to learn more...

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