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What is a Coach?
What is a Coach?      How Do I Become One? lets a student pick a coach to monitor his or her progress, provide encouragement, and make sure that everything is going okay. A coach can help a student set goals, and the coach and student can also work together on the tutorials and practice sessions. It's easy to sign up as a coach, whether for one student or a whole class. You can also try the preview first.

Anyone with whom the student has a good relationship, including a parent, a teacher, a guidance counsellor, an older sibling, a community volunteer or sometimes even a friend, can serve as a coach. We've set up coaching relationships because some students can benefit a lot from even a little personal guidance. When we ask people why they sign up for expensive commercial courses, one of the most common responses is, "Well, at least then I know I'll stick with it."

We at have generated a large amount of instructional content. We know that students will enroll with the best of intentions. But improvement takes dedication and effort, and we'd hate to see students fail to capture the full benefit of our service just because it's human nature to let things slide when nobody is watching. Hence the coach relationship.

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