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Description of the Student Progress Report
Logins Section
The first section lists all logins from the last two weeks, along with the time spent on the site and the number of questions answered during that day.

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Exam-Specific Section
If you are coaching a student enrolled for the SAT or GRE tutorial, the second section lists progress broken down by question type and content area.

The percentile standing reflects the student's current ability estimate relative to the rest of our user base. It is determined by more than simply the number of correct answers, because questions are selected according to the student's level of performance. Different students will see different sets of questions. The percentile standing is based on an estimate of student ability given the specific questions answered.

Tutorial progress how much of the tutorial the student has accomplished. The tutorials range from ten to forty-eight pages each.

Questions answered is the number of questions attempted. Question sets come in groups of 20 with the number of sets that can be answered depending on the category of questions. We recommend the students answer 20 questions from each category before attempting second question sets.

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Vocabulary Section
The last section is a summary of the student's work with the vocabulary builder. Words are grouped into five levels of difficulty and the student's progress is summarized by showing how many words at each level have been answered correctly out of the total number of words seen at that difficulty. Difficulty level 1 is the easiest and difficulty level 5 is the hardest.

The column titled Avg is the average difficulty of words given to the student. This is the most effective measure of the student's current level.

In the list of the last 10 incorrect words are up to ten words the student has most recently seen. A tick indicates the student picked the correct definition on their first attempt and a cross indicates that they didn't.

The total number of words mastered is given at the bottom - these are words the student has answered correctly on their first attempt and then subsequently reviewed. Each student has their own personal set of flashcards of the words they have mastered.

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Vocabulary Builder

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